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Barack Obama: The Miss America Presidency

Posted on April 12 2010 10:00 am
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When I first set eyes on Barack Obama I knew that the Republicans didn’t have a chance at winning the Presidency. Obama, a young, handsome, bi-racial idealist whispering the poetry of hope and change was unstoppable when placed next to the old, white, sameness of John McCain. Everything about the Obama candidacy seemed perfectly orchestrated. His presidency, while less popular, has been equally choreographed. There is an almost beauty pageant perfection to his image.

The beauty pageant world of President Obama continued this week with the signing of the Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia. NPR’s “Morning Edition” ran a story, one of four that day, titled “Arms Pact with Russia Advances Obama’s Pledge“. Hosts Rene Montagne and Steve Inskeep delivered the news with overwhelmingly positive coverage. They came across like classic Miss America Pageant emcees Burt Parks and Kathy Lee Gifford. In fact, the coverage of this monumental treaty to disarm the U.S. resembled the cliche interview questions for which  pageant contestants are mercilessly made fun of. I imagine it like this:

Emcee: “Mr. Obama, if you become Mr. Universe, what will you choose as your platform?”

President Obama: “As Mr. Universe, I will champion the cause of World Peace by ridding the world of nuclear weapons and forming friendships with all nations of the world.”

Applause! Applause!

The following quote lays it on even thicker by bringing up Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize!

For Obama, who arrived in Prague after an overnight flight from Washington, D.C., the pact is a partial fulfillment of a pledge he made a year ago in a speech credited with helping him earn the Nobel Peace Prize. — NPR reporter Scott Horsley

But pageants aren’t ONLY about politics and solving the world’s problems in three sentences or less. Oh no! There are also talent and beauty competitions. Throwing a baseball probably doesn’t qualify as a talent, but have you seen those pictures of 007 Obama gliding out of the ocean? Beauty. I wonder what Mr. Russia’s answer to the interview question would be?

Hear the audio: Arms Pact With Russia Advances Obama’s Pledge

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