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Chris Rock: Opponents of Obamacare Akin to Those Who Hate Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted on April 11 2010 10:00 am
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Hat tip to Big Hollywood

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Chris Rock used to be such an inventive comedian with bits that straddled the fence politically. His first two major comedy specials — Bring the Pain and Bigger and Blacker — were from the Clinton era and are classics of ’90s comedy. Yet his two efforts from the last ten years — Never Scared and Kill the Messenger — both mostly abandoned his political heterodoxy in exchange for unoriginal Bush-bashing and wild-eyed Obama sycophancy. Apart from the politics neither were as funny as his first two efforts. Perhaps because they didn’t need to be? By the Bush era Rock was a movie star and TV show creator. He no longer needed groundbreaking stand-up shows to catapult him to success.

In the clip above Rock jokes about how conservatives who fought against Obamacare will explain their actions to their children. Somehow I think that perhaps instead of our offspring demanding to know why we opposed legislation akin to the Civil Rights Act they’ll ask us why we didn’t work harder to prevent the bankrupting of America. They’ll want to know why we thought it was OK to stick them with the bill.

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