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Comment of the Day: Who Will Lead the Left to Enlightenment?

Posted on April 10 2010 8:00 pm
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From James Sarafin:

The fact that Liberals can be presented with indisputable black and white truth and still refuse to accept the truth for what it is has confounded Conservatives throughout history. Liberals will deny truth when the truth runs contrary to what the Liberals believe. One of the beliefs held by Liberals is “you are what you think”, that you are the sum total of belief and memory, the producer of thought. Liberals have spent their lives to attain the title of a great thinker and have placed thought on a pedestal of adoration. To a Liberal their own thoughts are the greatest thing about themselves because Liberals believe that their thoughts represent themselves and that their thoughts are who they are. For a Liberal to acknowledge any truth that is contrary to their belief would absolutely destroy them psychologically because if their belief is wrong then their life is wrong and therefore they are wrong and they cannot handle that. When Liberals actually see that they are puppets to their own thoughts and when they actually see that they create their own reality then they may experience enlightenment and become Conservatives. All the above leads to the conclusion that instead of fighting and confronting the Liberals, the Conservatives should be leading the Liberals toward enlightenment. The proof that this mission is attainable lies in the fact that becoming an enlightened Liberal is a path many current Conservatives have taken and these are the Conservatives that need be consulted and enlisted in such a mission.

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