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SEIU — Obama’s Portrait in the Attic

Posted on April 9 2010 11:38 am
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There was an eye-opening post on Big yesterday entitled Union Thuggery and Theatrics: When is Enough Enough Already?. One of the embedded videos (reproduced below) features SEIU representatives making their presence felt — much the same way a kid who puts you up against a chain-link fence to get your lunch money makes his presence felt — at a meeting of hospital workers.

In defense of the brown purple shirted ambassadors of peace, it is obvious they were goaded by the hospital workers who persisted in taunting them with “facts” and “arguments.” To the SEIU minions, who assumed that by now all they’d have to do is growl “sign the card,” this must have been a significant provocation.  It’s altogether understandable therefore that as soon as the proles got uppity, the enlightened ones quickly progressed from yelling to breaking stuff.  One gets the sense that Ms Camerawhacker would have preferred a few more stalwarts behind her — or at least one good large blunt object — to assist in driving home the point, but kudos for making due with what she had. Tomorrow’s another day and I’m sure she has a big Rolodex.

It is well to remember scenes such as the above when Democrat politicians and their various communication organs (and I will leave it to you as to exactly which organs best apply) bleat on endlessly about the Hateful-Insane-Violent Extremist-Right (henceforth, the “Hivers“, in keeping with current naming conventions) …

while at the same time offering up gauzy images of Michele Obama gardening and Barack shooting hoops just like the regular folks we know them to be.

Like the eponymous hero of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Obama and his coterie look calm, cool, rational and — dare I say it — pretty. Just pay no notice to that nasty ugly portrait in the attic.

Socialism works well until it fails. The problem is, it always fails.

Once it does, the remedy always looks a lot like SEIU and that’s when that portrait gets brought downstairs.

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