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Jon Stewart and I Ride a Two-Person Bicycle Together

Posted on April 9 2010 10:58 am
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No, not really, but I’m sure that’s what some of the comments below will say. I wrote yesterday about how even The Washington Times described the Obama Administration’s new nuclear strategy as only having “minor policy changes.”

Tonight, Jon Stewart accurately slammed some of the rhetoric coming from Fox News on the issue. He also hit Obama’s critics for making a fuss about his signing of the arms reduction treaty with Russia that will reduce our stockpiles by one-third, noting that President Reagan likewise called for a world without nukes and signed a treaty reducing our stockpiles by a third.

Watch the video below:

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Sarah Palin has described Obama’s nuclear strategy as being like a kid who says “punch me in the face.” The new vow not to use or threaten to use nukes on non-nuclear states sounds dramatic, and in true Obama fashion, only sounds like that “hope and change” magic he kept talking about.

As Stewart noted, exceptions are made in the document for Iran and North Korea and states that are not signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. And—get this—says the policy can be revised in the event of a major biological attack. So what’s changed? Nothing, really.

This is just another example of repackaging strategy from the Bush Administration and prior ones to fit the political rhetoric of the day, with little or no effective changes being implemented. Partisans on both sides hate it when I mention this.

Republicans hate it because it contradicts their beliefs that Obama is as tough as Andy Dick on national security. Democrats hate it because it undermines their chants of “change” and compares Obama to George W. Bush, or the man they more commonly refer to as “The guy who we hate everything about, even how he breathes.” But it’s true, and I’m still waiting for Jon Stewart to go on a tangent about it.

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