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Feministe: Shut Up, That’s Why

Posted on April 9 2010 11:27 pm
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Tonight I came across a striking example of how the Left silences opposition in their own ranks and ensures that dissenting views remain marginalized.  Commenting on a post about “anti-immigrant legislation” (translation: a bill to address illegal immigration), a blogger/moderator at the feminist blog Feministe reminded readers of the commenting policy:

The comment section on Feministe is not a place for you to rant against the “illegals.”

It is also not a place where you get to argue that anti-immigrant sentiment is not driven by racism. You’re more than welcome to think that. But for conversation here, it’s a non-starter just as much as the argument that rape apologism or anti-choice sentiment isn’t driven by misogyny. If you think rape apologism has nothing to do with misogyny, good for you — go find an MRA blog. (Though if you think it’s not only based in misogyny but also driven by other forms of prejudice and oppression, please stick around and talk!) And if you think that anti-immigrant sentiment has nothing to do with racism, same deal. There are lots of people who will approve your comments and engage you in that debate, but they’re not here.

These bloggers are certainly under no obligation to publish challenges to leftist orthodoxy.  But what they’re describing sounds more like a cheerleading team than a comment section (no offense to cheerleaders.)

Feministe editor Jill Filipovic chimed in with the following:

Amazing that people need to be told this. Now just sit back and wait for us to start getting emails about how we’re censoring people and we’re so right why don’t we allow dissenting views huh?

Heh. That’s a good question, Jill.

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