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Democrats’ pathetic obsession with conservative talk radio continues

Posted on April 9 2010 1:07 am
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Local radio fans got a good chuckle this week, thanks to the Milwaukee County Democrat’s Communications Committee:

As of this month, the Dem Party’s Communications Committee is kicking off two media initiatives that could have a powerful effect on our success in the upcoming elections, from the local level all the way to the Governor’s office and the U.S. Senate: a Radio Monitoring Team and a Rapid Messaging Team.

The Radio Monitoring Team will be charged with listening to Mark Belling, Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner, the trifecta of radical right wing radio in Milwaukee. Each team member will take several listening shifts each week, and will make a brief report on each broadcast. (…)

The Rapid Messaging Team, on the other hand, will be charged with writing letters to the editor and posting online comments that support our Democratic values and candidates. Again, we’re not asking you to call in to radio stations — you’ll simply write a short letter or comment whenever you get an action alert from the Communications Committee. We’ll give you the topic and we’ll tell you where to submit it.

Gee, it sounds a lot like a previous Democratic Party initiative that revolved around conservative talk radio. And that one worked out so well…

The hosts targeted for “monitoring” reacted quickly, and with good humor: Sykes blogged, “Welcome aboard! Expect hours of entertainment and insight;” Belling said, ” I’m glad they’ll be listening, er, monitoring. Maybe they’ll finally learn something. I love it.”

Predictably, touchy Democrat “communications professionals” responded to these innocuous comments in typical “progressive” fashion — with heaping helpings of passive aggressive sarcasm, sprinkled with bad faith:

We had announced this on Friday and we were flattered that the beautiful minds on talk radio actually read our site and led off their three hours of sheep herding lambasting our efforts.

It is bad enough that the distortions dished out on these hatefests find their way onto the mainstream local media and become marching orders for the authoritarians who take this stuff as gospel. They have done their level best to pollute the political discourse pool.

This is your chance to listen so we can fire back. We know that ten minutes of this nonsense can be irritating. We appreciate the sacrifice.

No wonder progressives have never mounted a single viable liberal talk radio enterprise: they’re clearly tone deaf.

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