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Barck Obama – Protecting the World from America

Posted on April 9 2010 3:50 am
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It always amazes me that people are still surprised when President Obama does or says something like his recent Nuclear Posture Review Report.

It wasn’t hard to figure out what you were getting during the campaign if you were willing to actually listen to Obama, and read between the lines of his political pabulum. All politicians say things to get elected, but the process of running for President of the United States is long and arduous. Granted, the Press gave Obama a freer ride than a teenage boy picking up a scantily-clad female hitchhiker, but all you had to do was pay attention, and you should have known most of what you were getting with Obama.

From the video below,

“We see evil…er…sadly on the streets of our cities.”

While no one would argue with that statement, it is striking that Obama didn’t mention the evil of terrorism or of oppressive regimes (other than Darfur), but his mind was inexorably drawn to the same place where all progressives see evil – America.

Obama’s new nuclear posture says a lot of things about his view of the world and his view of America. I don’t find Obama a uniquely evil or menacing leader. Instead I find him a cookie cutter version of a far Left American progressive, and as such his first inclination is to believe that the world needs to be protected from America instead of the other way around.

Obama’s view is far from unique in the current American political landscape, but even though it is not unusual it is still dangerous to naively embrace nations in hopes that if everyone just loved us and understood us they would necessarily join hands with us to defeat the evils of the world. Unfortunately, Mr. President not only will most of them not join hands with us they will see such humble efforts as weakness, and furthermore many of the countries you want to embrace us also embrace the very evils we wish to eradicate.

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