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Aquinas, Obama, and the Propaganda War to Annihilate Israel

Posted on April 9 2010 11:57 am
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Acts proceed from essence.” According to Aquinas, we can know the nature of a principle by observing the acts that flow from it. Crucial time and effort could be saved by applying this rule when analyzing the policies of Barack Obama.

President Obama’s actions will disarm and deform the two most significant democracies in the world, America and Israel, in order to replace them with radicalized Marxist states. Such actions can only flow from an ideological premise that is ontologically revolutionary. Understanding the Marxist world-view from which the President’s shahid plan for America and Israel proceeds, provides the context within which all his policies can be evaluated and effectively countered.

Marxists struggle to erode the core values upon which Western nations are based in order to supplant them with utopian, egalitarian communes. Given the contradiction of the natural law by Leftist doctrine, such utopias necessarily incarnate as totalitarian dictatorships. This is irrefutable historical fact.

Because Obama’s mentors and court-jesters are conscious of their inability to expeditiously disembowel “the Belly of the Beast,” as Bernadine Dohrn habitually called America, they have directed their efforts against Israel.

The determination to isolate, then facilitate the destruction of Israel flows from the general Marxist mission to eradicate democracy and the particular resolve to remove the single obstacle to complete control of the Middle East by revolutionary Islamic republics, themselves, nothing more than thinly veiled political dictatorships.

In 1948, at the birth of the modern State of Israel, it was clear to her enemies that the only way a post-Holocaust world would tolerate the destruction of the Jewish people would be if it was brought to consider Israel as the moral equivalent of the racist butchers she had only just survived. The propaganda war to generate this image of Israel has been the most necessary and productive.

Politico reports:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has abruptly canceled his plans to attend President Barack Obama’s nuclear security summit next week, creating an embarrassing distraction on the eve of a high-profile meeting the White House has sought to carefully choreograph.”

Politico resorts to Goebbelian insinuations:

“Israel has never become a party to the Non Proliferation Treaty. If that issue comes up at the summit, it would raise uncomfortable questions about Israel’s own nuclear arsenal – which has never been formally acknowledged by the Jewish state.”

The President’s apathetic attitude towards acquisition of nuclear arms by Iran, effectively the final coup in the War on Israel, leaves suspect the claim that the summit was motivated by a concern about terrorist access to nuclear weapons. Given Obama’s Marxist principles action, and the intelligence prompting Netanyahu’s abrupt decision to be absent, is it possible that Obama’s summit was intent on public exposition of Israel as the non-co-operative, moral equivalent of “rogue, terrorists states?”

“…the potential for Israel to face questions about its nuclear program has been widely known and openly discussed since Obama announced plans for the summit early last year.”

”In the last 24 hours, the Israeli government has learned of various reports from various sources on the intention of several states attending the conference not only to deal with the issue at hand, but to take the opportunity to make a point of grand-standing against Israel and the issue of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,” the Israeli official said. “The prime minister was dismayed at this, and decided to stick to the Israeli policy that Israel is usually represented at these types of conferences at the professional-ministerial level.”

This diplomatic pogrom, would parade Israel as self-righteously hypocritical in front of the global community for demanding the prevention of a nuclear Iran, while insisting on retaining their nuclear weapons. Islamic nations and the Administration would refuse to recognize the objective superiority of Israel’s democratic values to those of the Sharia Republic of Iran, or the Islamic Republic’s determination to obliterate Israel as legitimate justification to possess a nuclear deterrent against her enemies.

Obama can only attempt this condescending repudiation because of years of anti-Semitic propaganda (botoxed as anti-Zionism) in the Left influenced media. Timely examples are The Huffington Post and Salon magazine coverage of Netanyahu’s decision to boycott the disarmament circus.

The “Palistinization and Stalinization” of Ms. Magazine, is decried by Dr. Phyllis Chesler in her article, Ms. Magazine’s Ms-Ogyny Towards Israel. Dr. Chesler explains that the use of Ms.’s pages to slander Israel dates back to 1972, its readers being exposed to a continuous bias that weakens support for the Jewish State that defends human rights, while criminally ignoring the real martyrdom of women under Islam.

“Acts proceed from essence.” Barack Obama was six years old when Benjamin Netanyahu joined the Israeli Defense Force and began to fight for his country. The principles and actions of Barack have been those of a man determined to destroy democracy, those of the Israeli leader, the principles and actions of a man willing to give his life for democracy. With Turkey joining today in the call to disarm Israel, it will be interesting to see the next acts manifesting the essences of these very different men.

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