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Obama Administration to Gay Couples: Disregard Federal Law and “Queer the Census”

Posted on April 8 2010 5:54 pm
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I guess I am one of those fools that always thought the purpose of a census was to count people.  I didn’t know it was supposed to be a weapon to push a political group’s agenda.  I was clueless that federal laws could be ignored to help push that agenda.  Well it’s the age of Obama and it is time to ‘queer the census’.  It doesn’t matter what you are, all that matters is how you want to be counted.

The Census Bureau is actively campaigning with our tax dollars to convince homosexual couples to count themselves as married on their census even if they aren’t.  Let’s be clear, it isn’t simply that the US Government wants to count gay couples who have received marriage licenses in one of the few states that allows homosexual marriage, our government is actively requesting and promoting that couples say they are married if they simply feel like they are married.

Federal monies are pouring into commercials for the gay-themed Logo network and social media websites.  All the advertising has the same theme.  Win your rights to gay marriage by lying on your census form.  (Below is a commercial made by an outside group promoting the new rules.  If you wish to see some examples of the government commercials then go here, here, here, or here.)

“It doesn’t matter whether you have a legal marriage license or not.  It only matters if you consider yourself married…(it) affects how are community and marriages such as ours are viewed by this nation.” – George Takei

(Update: Since some have taken to claiming I have lied instead of doing their own research – here is a direct link to a government video telling homosexual people they can claim whatever they want about their marriage status.  You will find the instruction when there is just under 2 minutes left in the video.  I will quote it for you below.)

“Same sex-couples who are married or who consider themselves to be spouses can identify one person as a husband or wife.” – US Census Information Video

The law doesn’t matter?  Regardless of your beliefs on homosexual marriage, is it appropriate to use tax funding and the Census to push one side of the debate?  Is it proper to tell people to lie in 45 states that do not allow marriages of same gendered couples?

The Bush administration in 2000 tried to actually uphold the law on this topic.  Their attorneys believed releasing data on “married” same-sex couples would have violated the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, a law which says “in determining the meaning” of “any ruling, regulation, or interpretation” of a federal bureau, marriage means only the legal union of a man and woman.  In other words, no government agency is allowed to declare same-sex couples as married.  It is illegal.

“The federal law says no government agency can recognize marriage other than the definition of one man and one woman.  So, if for federal purposes marriage is only a man and a woman, you can’t count anything other than that, because it doesn’t exist under federal law. Irrespective of what states are doing, there’s a federal law that says marriage is between one man and one woman, and every federal agency must follow that definition.” – Matthew Starver, Liberty Counsel

The Obama administration is not only purposefully breaking the law, they are making commercials that clearly express their desire to change gay marriage laws in this country through the Census.

One commercial (seen here) features a lesbian couple, Lorie and Jane Birch, who are volunteers with the Human Rights Campaign. One of them proclaims the census as

“the greatest way to really find out … who is in the community and [to] be counted so that we can have more political power.”

And there you have it.  The U.S. Census will provide those pushing an activist, homosexual agenda more power.  And no matter what you believe or what the law says, we’re all footing the bill.

Many on the Left are telling social conservatives and other concerned citizens not to worry.  This counting gay marriage has no agenda behind it.  Others like Jamie Grant, director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Policy Institute, are far more honest when she says the significance of this new policy is “humongous.”

“Our opponents are rightfully concerned, because it does lend an air of legitimacy to our marriages.  It’s another way of weaving us into the fabric instead of continuing to see as outsiders.” – Jamie Grant

Of course gay men and lesbian women should be counted in the Census.  No one is debating that.  But it is wrong to go against federal law and encourage people to lie about their marriage status all to push an agenda.  And to fund the whole thing on the taxpayer’s dime makes it that much worse.

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