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Leftist Race Baiting in Virginia

Posted on April 8 2010 7:00 am
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By John R. Guardiano at the American Spectator

The Left’s unconscionable and shameful race baiting continues, and for rankly partisan political purposes.

First there was the attempt to depict the Tea Party movement as racist. The lack of absolutely any evidence whatsoever to support this noxious charge didn’t deter the rabid Left, of course. After all, why worry about things such as honor, fairness and truth when your goal is to smear and destroy your political opponents?

Now, there is the outrageous attempt by the legacy media to depict Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell as somehow playing the race card because he issuedproclamation honoring Confederate soldiers.

Why is this controversial? Because of slavery, we are lectured. The Civil War was about slavery, and the Confederacy defended slavery.

This line of thought, in turn, has invited all sorts of vitriolic demagoguery and historical slander by leftist race baiters whose only claim to fame seems to be their historical ignorance.

CNN “political contributor” Roland S. Martin, for instance, last night compared Confederate soldiers to “Nazis.”

“These folks committed treason by taking up arms against the United States. You celebrate that? They were domestic terrorists.”

Has Mr. Martin no sense of decency? Has he no sense of honor and shame? Of course we don’t celebrate the Confederates’ “treason against the United States.” And of course we don’t celebrate slavery.

In fact, anyone who knows anything about American history knows that for most Southerners…

Read the rest of this article at the American Spectator

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