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George W. Obama Part 5

Posted on April 8 2010 12:22 am
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Jon Stewart went ballistic on Senator John McCain’s lack of a soul (from his point-of-view) last night on The Daily Show. I was going to write a rebuttal to this attack on McCain’s character, but I decided it’d be better to use it to lead into the next part in my George W. Obama series. Oh yes, I am still beating that drum.

I understand that Stewart long respected McCain and so he was disappointed when McCain said he “never considered himself a maverick.” I kind of get where McCain was going with that statement, but it was still stupid to say. But here’s my question: Where’s the rage over Obama making only relatively minor changes to Bush’s national security policies? When’s there going to be a degrading tangent about that?

Here’s the video of Stewart acting like a teenage girl losing her mind after she realizes her new boyfriend isn’t the Titanic-like dream guy she created in her head and convinced herself is real:

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I recommend Eli Lake’s piece at here. Look at what Lake writes in his insightful article:

“But these differences in style mask a sameness in substance that should worry civil libertarians. When it comes to the legal framework for confronting terrorism, President Obama is acting in no meaningful sense any different than President Bush after 2006, when the Supreme Court overturned the view that the president’s war time powers were effectively unlimited….President Obama has embraced and at times defended the same expansive view of a global war against Al Qaeda as President Bush.”

Read Lake’s entire piece and you’ll see why I’m shocked at how the Left, including Stewart, is failing to unleash hell over the decision not to change some of the policies that most angered them.

Allow me to launch a pre-emptive strike on the commentator who will inevitably mention Obama’s recent change in policy in regards to the use of nuclear weapons as a decisive break from the Bush Administration. Let’s look at what The Washington Times wrote about it:

“The Obama administration’s nuclear strategy review made public on Tuesday keeps in place all strategic weapons needed to fight a nuclear war and presents only minor policy changes, a move that upset arms-control advocates who had sought major cuts in U.S. forces.”

Sorry, on national security policy, I’m not seeing a lot of that change we heard so much about.

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