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Do We Want Teachers or Progressive “Change Agents”?

Posted on April 8 2010 9:00 am
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This week, Kathleen McKinley passed along a story from about a disturbing curriculum being used in a San Antonio high school classroom. Teacher Barbara Geerdes’ lessons on the philosophical difference between conservatives and liberals could not have been more one-sided and inaccurate. It even incorporates a cartoon of an angel to represent liberals, while conservatives are represented by a wonderful little devil. If I didn’t know better, I just might see her as an “agent of change” rather than as a teacher.

Needless to say, this is not an isolated incident. Schools and universities nationwide have been filled with progressive thought, curriculum, revisionist history and more for many years and it’s just getting worse. In all fairness, I know it is difficult for a teacher to stay 100% impartial in presenting material that they feel strongly about. However, should they not at least make an attempt at it?

I can think of no greater gift a teacher can give to a student than a love of learning and a discerning mind. I believe students should be taught how to think, not what to think. A teacher can present a topic with views close to his/hers, but then they need to present the opposing argument and encourage their students to research both arguments. I realize that may not produce the end result they desire, but as a teacher, they have to have the integrity to allow their students to come to their own conclusions.

There seems to be a new attitude in this country which Obama may have summed up early in his presidency when he proclaimed “I won.” One gets the impression that progressives almost feel they have taken ownership of this country, it’s their turn, and they can proceed however they wish, despite the wishes of the people. Schools are now their own private indoctrination centers. Is it any wonder that so many people have chosen to homeschool? Or that the government has been less than supportive of this movement, taking control over these children out of their eager and greedy hands? Do we even have to ask why progressives continue to push for getting kids into school programs at younger and younger ages? And last but not least, is it any wonder that Bill Ayers has made a career out of education ‘reform?’

If a teacher is unable to act professionally, I suggest she gets into another line of work or goes teach at a private Marxist school where her efforts will be appreciated. We did not hire change agents. To the thousands of teachers who already know the value of teaching students to think independently, thank you. You are a treasure. In the meantime, we must ask – no, we must demand – that our schools become places that encourage thought once again rather than promoting certain ideology and political agendas.

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