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Alterman on “Climate Change”: You are Too Stupid to Understand

Posted on April 8 2010 2:58 pm
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After his years of association with MSNBC, following tenure at Rolling Stone & Mother Jones, it should come as no surprise that Eric Alterman would tweet and ostensibly believe this:

stupid people are defining what people know about global warming

and thank God that we have professional progressives like Alterman and his pals at Media Matters to set us straight.  According to the illustrious Alterman, even the liberally vaulted NYT may not “get”  this whole global warming :

Of course, some of this is just stupidity. The New York Times recently profiled a group of meteorologists who have no particular expertise in climatology playing the role of climate deniers to the general public as a means—it would appear—of retribution toward climatologists because of all those fancy degrees real scientists have. Meteorologists have only bachelor’s degrees, while climatologists have doctorates and lab experience and the like and tend to look down on their little brothers and sisters.

I’m delighted to be living in a world where the pejorative use of  “their little brothers and sisters” is so sadly typical of the climate crisis cabal.  I find this more than a little insulting, but maybe that’s just my puny bachelor’s degree and apparently even punier little brain talking.

Fortunately, Alterman is working hard to set me straight.  He quotes the UK’s leftist rag as confirmation of his superior wisdom and intellect:

According to a report prepared by the Guardian’s Alok Jha for the Copenhagen summit, should we stay on the path we’re on, we can expect a four-degree rise in the earth’s average temperature…

Because if Jha at the lots-left-of-center Guardian writes it, it MUST be true.  I’m so stoopid.  Does it seem warm in here?

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