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Rachel Maddow Joins The ACORN Propaganda Platoon


Rachel Maddow of MSNBC unveiled a profoundly dishonest assessment of the ACORN undercover video saga.

On her show she took irrelevant facts and half-truths and then made sweeping generalizations. This describes the Media Matters approach to waging war on “conservative misinformation” to a tee. If a semi-colon is out of place anywhere, you’re a contemptible liar hellbent on the destruction of all that is good in America.

Her argument boiled down is this: conservative activists James O’Keefe III and Hannah Giles didn’t wear pimp and ho costumes when they visited ACORN offices; and the videos shot showing ACORN’s seedy underbelly were edited — gasp!!!

Maddow is simply following the script that ACORN has provided.

In a fantastically amazing coincidence, ACORN online propagandist Nathan Henderson-James, who is paid by ACORN to protect (what’s left of) the organization and its legacy at all costs, sent out a bulletin a little over a month ago urging the left to fight to control the narrative of ACORN’s demise.

“[T]here will be a fight over the narrative of ACORN’s demise,” he writes. The other side wants “a narrative about the corruption of popular organizations and how they are simply vehicles for the personal enrichment and power fantasies of their top staff members while pushing public policies that destroy middle America.”

This argument must be fought, Henderson-James argues, because it “gives people pushing a pro-corporate agenda a way to tar progressives and even non-progressive Democrats running for office with the ACORN brush.”

Then comes the whining from ACORN’s cyber-warfare chief.

Henderson-James acknowledges that ACORN made mistakes, but claims it was primarily a victim of dirty tricks perpetrated by the political right. “[W]e were all up against a 24-hour propoganda [sic] channel,” he writes, in an apparent reference to the Fox News Channel, one of the few media outlets to closely follow the ACORN saga.

Progressives didn’t fight back hard enough “in a moment of extreme duress, orchestrated by propogand [sic] videos,” he complains.

I’ve communicated with Henderson-James but he has refused to discuss matters related to ACORN on the record. C’est la vie.

I am told by my ACORN-savvy sources that he is a real “true believer” in the ACORN cause so anything he might tell me would be lies anyway. That’s how Alinskyites roll.

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Note: For anyone in the South, I’m live on the Greg (Buddell) Show right now talking about ACORN.

UPDATED next day: Blogger Patterico publishes an excellent post at BigJournalism.com with more evidence of Maddow’s shameful dishonesty. He shows a screen grab from one of the undercover videos. Maddow claimed O’Keefe deceived the public about his manner of dress when visiting ACORN offices. The screen grab reminds us all that O’Keefe did no such thing.

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