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WashPo Hire Proves Right Is Winning The War of Ideas

Posted on April 6 2010 12:12 pm
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Every once in a while something good happens.

The Washington Post‘s hiring of blogger extraordinaire Dave Weigel is a rare acknowledgment from the mainstream media that the Right is winning.

Certainly it’s too early to be popping champagne corks over the approaching demise of the Obama regime, but the fact the WashPo acknowledged covering the Republican Party and the right was important enough to bring in outside help is cause to rejoice.

Opposition to President Obama‘s un-American socialist agenda is simply too strong and widespread to be ignored by the media establishment any longer. That’s great news.

At his new blog post, Right Now, Weigel essentially confirms my thesis:

But what do you want to know about the movement? There’s more coverage of the right — by activists, by journalists, by seething critics who can’t believe that the party that lost Indiana to Barack Obama is on the verge of a comeback — than there ever has been. Democrats, who’ve won their largest and most liberal congressional majorities since the 1960s, cede news cycle after news cycle to second-term members of Congress and half-term former governors. Tea Party activists, who used to mock the media for ignoring their rallies, have become sought-after, endlessly quoted political players. (At the National Tea Party Convention in February, the ratio of Tea Partiers to reporters reached three to one.) The liberal institutions that were built to entrench a permanent Democratic majority — Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, the netroots — spend as much time on shocked and shocking reports about conservatives as they spend promoting their agenda.

Weigel comes to the WashPo from the leftist Washington Independent, which is part of the George Soros-funded American Independent News Network, formerly known as the Center for Independent Media. Most of the reporters there are highly ideological intellectually lazy lapdogs who routinely give free passes to the Obama administration, the organized crime syndicate ACORN, and radical labor unions but Weigel is generally clear-headed and in his time there was one of the more fair-minded reporters.

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