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The Obama Doctrine – America’s New Nuclear Posture

Posted on April 6 2010 2:21 pm
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President Obama’s Nuclear Policy Review is a microcosm of a foreign policy that is based on idealism rather than pragmatism.

The President apparently feels that if we can just set the right example our little light will shine so bright that even rogue nations like Iran and North Korea will be compelled to fall in line with the rest of the world. President Obama’s America has a different role in the world. No longer does America stand apart. In the Obama doctrine America is just another nation seeking world cooperation to accomplish her goals.

Such a policy seems clearly naive if not dangerous. Just how dangerous it is to announce that America will not react to crippling threats including biological weapons attacks with a nuclear response is unclear. On its face it seems to invite certain types of attack, but would America truly abide by such capricious, self-imposed rules in an actual crisis? It’s hard to imagine that we would.

So then, what are we left with? It seems that once again the net result of Obama’s new nuclear posture is simply more perception by an already skeptical world that this President places idealism above strength. There is an ever increasing world perception that Obama is weak. This new nuclear posture will only fan such flames. Mr. President, the Ahmadinejads and Kim Jong Ils of the world simply do not respect idealism even if your intentions are laudable.

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