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Obama Loses Man Card: His Little White (Sox) Lie

Posted on April 6 2010 2:17 am
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Almost every guy has their own beloved baseball team.  It’s part of being an American male.  And every man that has his team usually loved that ball club from childhood and can name at least a handful of players on the roster from when he was growing up.  I’m a child of the 80s and have always been a Cardinals guy.  Favorite players when I was a kid?  Ozzie Smith, Jack Clark, Terry Pendleton, Vince Coleman, and Willie McGee to name a few.  Any real baseball buff can answer the favorite player question easily. Not our President.

Barack Obama has portrayed  himself as true Chicago Southside regular guy who has loved the White Sox for years now.  There are countless pictures of him wearing a White Sox baseball cap.  The media has loved talking about what a loyal fan he is.  Check out this clip from CNN from just after the election.

“He made perfectly clear he was a White Sox fan and always a White Sox fan.” – John King

Keep that video in mind when you watch this clip from  Monday’s Washington Nationals game.  Warning: it is painful to listen to this ‘deer in headlights’ moment.

Obama strikes out on the biggest softball pitch a sports guy could give the President.

“I’m a South side kid.” – Obama

“Who was one of your favorite White Sox players growing up?” – Rob Dibble

“Ya know…uh….I, I thought that uh, ya know, the truth is that a lot of the Cubs I liked too, but uh, I did not become a Sox fan until I moved to Chicago.  Because I uh, ya know I was growing up, uh, in Hawaii.  So I ended up actually being an Oakland A’s fan.” – Obama

Of course practically no one picked up on Obama’s huge mess up.  The guy has used the White Sox as a connection to regular Americans for years, and it was obviously a political tool.  He’s not the first politician to do it, but I thought he was going to be above political games.

Remember when Sarah Palin decided not to tell Katie Couric the names of any newspapers she reads?  She is still dogged by that moment.  People still think she is an idiot because she gave no specifics. Well Obama not only can’t think of any names of players, but he proves he’s been lying about being a lifelong White Sox fan all this time!  Where is the coverage?

One of the few people to write on the issue was a sports blogger for the Washington Post.  He summed up the error by Obama well:

“You might never see a reporter flummox Barrack Obama as much as Rob Dibble does in this clip, when he asks the president to name his favorite White Sox player growing up. Obama’s got nothing. Just nothing. If Dibble had been debating Obama instead of McCain, the Democrat wouldn’t have carried Massachusetts.

And look, if that’s the kind of deep-seated passion the guy has about the White Sox, maybe he could have left the hat in the dugout or something.” – Dan Steinberg

I love baseball.  You don’t cry in baseball, and you don’t lie in baseball.  If you don’t know the game then stop using it for political gain.  I hope I never see him wear that White Sox cap again.

Go Cards!

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