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Toronto Muslim: ‘We need another Holocaust’ (video)

Posted on April 5 2010 12:00 pm
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Last Friday, my husband and I joined about one hundred others to document a Jewish Defense League (JDL)/ Yidden on Wheels protest outside Palestine House, just outside Toronto. This taxpayer-funded enterprise would be hosting a talk the following day by journalist Abdul Bari Atwan, who famously said:

If the Iranian missiles strike Israel, by Allah, I will go to Trafalgar Square and dance with delight.

As some of you now know, calling for genocide is illegal under Canada’s “hate speech” laws. That was, after all, the essence of known Frenchman Francois Houle’s notorious welcome warning to Ann Coulter before her tour of Canadian college campuses.

As a free speech absolutist, I don’t believe that “calls for genocide” (whatever that even means), should be illegal. And I don’t believe that Abdul Bari Atwan, or almost anybody, should be banned from entering the country. If we ban “terrorists,” for instance, then strictly speaking, we should ban Nelson Mandela and Gerry Adams — and we haven’t.

So on principle, I opposed the JDL’s campaign to prevent anti-Israel UK MP George Galloway‘s (aborted) visit to Canada last year; I correctly predicted the practical fallout, too: that a “conservative” call to ban Galloway would come back to haunt us if the likes of Ann Coulter or Geert Wilders were ever scheduled to enter the country.

I am, however, opposed to the use of my extorted tax dollars to fund creeping sharia and de facto jihad, especially at a “community center” which in actuality was built for the exclusive use of one particular ethnic group.

At Friday’s demonstration, we encountered Muslims on the other side of the street, who, besides calling for “another Holocaust,” uttered the following statements (video), on a public sidewalk, in broad daylight, in the presence of uniformed police:

We love jihad. We love killing you… We love killing dogs.

You f*ckers need another Holocaust

You monkeys!

Bye, Gypsies. Bye, Gypsies, bye, Jews!

You need another Holocaust. You’d love it. I know you would love it.

Go steal something… You guys are all thieves.

What do your women taste like?

You’re not Canadian, you’re Indian, you’re brown.

The Muslims also threw pennies in our direction — an obvious reference to “money grubbing Jews” — and intentionally set off their car alarms while the JDL sang “Oh, Canada.”

Folks on our side said some tasteless things as well. One fellow yelled, “Raghead!” and “Mohammed was a pedophile” — and was told to shut up in no uncertain terms by a fellow in a JDL t-shirt.

Another bellowed, “Go rub yogurt on your bum!” — which I laughed at uncontrollably, even though I don’t quite “get” what he meant.

All this to say: I don’t think anyone should be charged for anything they said on Friday afternoon.

However, do note that at the exact moment “genocidal welfare queens” Toronto Muslims were boldly calling for “another Holocaust” on the streets of Toronto — all the while unmolested by the authorities — stand up comic Guy Earle was being tried (in absentia) for “homophobic hate speech” at a British Columbia Human Rights tribunal, for calling a lesbian heckler a “dyke” at an open mic night three years ago.

And oddly enough, not a single University of Ottawa student showed up to protest the “hate” being hurled at us from across the street.

So glad my country has its priorities straight.

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