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Hey! Let’s Get PETA to Add Women to Their List of Tortured Lebanese Animals!

Posted on April 5 2010 11:22 am
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I thought it would be nice to check in with the Easter Bunny, so I went to visit the website of PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The level of organization that channels the passion and political efforts of PETA’s two million registered members is extensive and effective. Here are some examples of far-reaching “Action Notices:”

URGENT: Demand Justice for Tortured Pigs in Lincoln County, Oklahoma!
Ask the Task Force on Childhood Obesity to Promote Vegan Food in Schools
Ask Canada Not to Force Companion Animals to Fly as Cargo!
Urge Royal Caribbean to Drop Foie Gras

My instincts about finding a PETA crusade in defense of the Easter Bunny proved accurate:

Bunny Fever: Don’t Catch It! Don’t give in to the temptation to buy live bunnies for your children!

Clebrate a Cruelty-Free Easter!

This last admonition actually brings interested left-clickers to a site with all the information you need to celebrate this most cruel Feast Day with alternatives to traditional Easter accoutrements including vegan candy, (Won’t THAT get your kids out of bed to hunt for their baskets!) and alternatives to dyed, hard-boiled baby chickens. In a particularly sensitive reference to the true meaning of Easter for Christians, there is even a religious sign to encourage would-be eaters of lamb and Crown Roast, a touching picture of a pig with the inscription:

He died for your sins.

How edgy and nouveau to smear Christianity! As a Catholic, I can tell you that nothing gets me on board a political cause like insulting God.

Then this call to arms leapt off the page:

Support National Animal Welfare Legislation in Lebanon
Animals Lebanon is working to make Lebanon a regional leader in animal welfare by working with the Lebanese government to implement the country’s first national animal protection law. Help them take a stand against cruelty to animals by demanding stronger animal protection laws in Lebanon and strict enforcement of the laws for everyone’s protection.

Please send polite comments in support of Animals Lebanon’s campaign to:
The Honorable Dr. Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan
Minister of Agriculture

Then it hit me. We could instantly tap into the noble rage of the army of PETA activists if we just added Islamic Women to the list of “Animals” they want to protect, especially those in the Hezbollah-infested regions of Southern Lebanon. Classified as domestic pets or beasts of burden, women might actually elicit a spark of compassion from the Left and we could make some real progress towards their being treated more ethically by the men who own them.

After all, as Dr. Phyllis Chesler pointed out in her recent post, The Orwellian Times. Burqa Bans–No; Free Speech Bans–Yes:

“In my view, the burqa is a form of severe sensory deprivation and social isolation. If the West imposed this upon Muslim women– it might be viewed as torture and quickly challenged as a human and woman’s rights violation. But for now, it is erroneously viewed as a private, religious right—and not as the visible statement of political Islam and jihad that it really is.”

If the PETA militants could be brought to think of the women of radical Islam like the chickens for whom the they demand free-range roaming rights, perhaps the liberated could circulate in public without being held on the leash of a male chaperone. The organization that castigates humanity for drinking non-vegan beer on St. Patrick’s Day, might also look into the use of women as sand bags behind which Hezbollah soldiers hide while endangering innocent wildlife of Israel.

The main target should remain the burqa, the portable cage that deprives the women from vital doses of Vitamin D, not to mention social existence and an occasional view of the other animals owned by their husbands.

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