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The Glenn Beck Program Welcomes … Naomi Wolf?

Posted on April 3 2010 4:22 pm
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Third wave feminist Naomi Wolf knows how to speak the Tea Party language, peppering her conversations with talk of tyranny, freedom, the Constitution, and the Founders. And she knows how to appeal to the conspiracy-minded fringe.  But if she’s going to succeed in her quest to latch onto the Tea Party movement, she’ll need access to Tea Party-friendly media.

That’s where Fox News comes in.

NRB commenter The_Inquisitor mentioned on my earlier post that Naomi Wolf appeared on Glenn Beck this week while Judge Andrew Napolitano was hosting.  Here’s the video:

The most striking part of the segment was that Napolitano didn’t introduce Wolf as a progressive author or feminist activist. He described her as “New York Times bestselling author Naomi Wolf.”

Then again, Judge Napolitano once introduced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as “the one, the only, the great Alex Jones.”

In fact, Naomi Wolf and Andrew Napolitano have both spoken highly of Alex Jones. And they’re both friendly with Lew Rockwell whose site Jonah Goldberg once called “a haven for ‘angry’ and ‘cat-kicking’ libertarians,” though he added, “That’s not entirely fair — to libertarians.”  Lew Rockwell, of course, allegedly ghostwrote the bigoted newsletters that became a liability for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. (He continues to deny any involvement.) And Wolf and Napolitano have both appeared at Ron Paul events. As this crowd might say, “Wheels within wheels, man.”

I appreciate dissenting views, but Naomi Wolf and her newfound friends on the Right and faux Right don’t bring rational thought or intellectually honesty to the conversation.  And neither does Andrew Napolitano when he gives his audience the impression they’re watching a like-minded commentator, not Naomi Wolf in Tea Party clothing.


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