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Naomi Wolf: Tea Party Darling?

Posted on April 3 2010 5:20 am
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Naomi Wolf believes 9/11 truthers have “legitimate questions,” conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a brave truth teller, and the early Bolsheviks opposed torture.

In 2007, 100 copies of Wolf’s book, The End of America, were donated to Code Pink for distribution to United States senators. In 2008, she announced that the fascist Bush administration was intercepting her mail, including letters from her 13-year-old daughter.  Later that year, she called Sarah Palin “the muse of the coming police state.”

And now we are told by Alternet that Naomi Wolf is considered a “Tea Party darling”? Huh? Did I blink and miss her overnight conversion from devoted leftist crank to Gadsen flag-waving protester?

Not likely. Camille Paglia provides some insight in a 1993 New York Magazine interview:

“I don’t think Naomi has any deep beliefs,” Paglia says. “She’s derivative, picks up on whichever way the wind is blowing, and uses that to advance herself.”

Over the last few years, Wolf has discovered that despite her leftist feminist roots, some small but vocal groups on the Right find her flavor of anti-government paranoia attractive.  Thus, her treatise on the ten steps to fascism (step 1: Bush lied, step 2: Bush lied again, and so on) is a runaway hit with conspiracy nuts and Ron Paul supporters (but I repeat myself.)  And Wolf is happy to substitute Obama for Bush now that the Rove/Cheney cabal has come and gone.

But it is a mistake to consider Wolf a libertarian ally.

Wolf’s recent article on the Tea Parties is dripping with feigned populist sympathy, but much like Alex Jones, she is a vampire feeding upon the Tea Party movement by appealing to the tin foil hat-wearing fringe. For example, when asked about FEMA concentration camps during the Alternet interview, Wolf replied, “I have heard some suggestive first-person accounts that some good reporters should follow up on.”  Hey, she’s just asking questions.

Wolf has also positioned herself as a transpartisan mistress of Godwin’s law, armed with Nazi comparisons for Democrats as well as Republicans:

Obama has done things like Hitler did. Let me be very careful here. The National Socialists rounded people up and held them without trial, signed legislation that gave torture impunity, and spied on their citizens, just as Obama has. It isn’t a question of what has been done that Hitler did.  It’s what does every dictator do, on the left or the right, that is being done here and now.

Wolf can speak moonbat, wingnut, and everything in between. But don’t be fooled. Camille Paglia may be right that Wolf has no “deep beliefs,” but those she has are reliably leftist, doused in conspiracy, and smothered in kooky sauce.


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