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Satan: father of lies, publisher of the New York Times

Posted on April 2 2010 12:00 pm
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What media bias? (credit: Philadelphia Inquirer, 2007)

Folks are having lotsa larfs at the expense of the Vatican’s official exorcist, who

…commented this week that the recent defamatory reporting on Pope Benedict XVI, especially by the New York Times, was “prompted by the devil.”

Father Amorth added that in instances of sexual abuse committed by some members of the clergy, the devil “uses” priests in order to cast blame upon the entire Church: “The devil wants the death of the Church because she is the mother of all the saints.”

Since one of the devil’s oldest titles is “the father of lies,” maybe that exorcist is onto something.

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt (who is not a Catholic himself) has done a great job on the air this week, debunking the misinformation the MSM is spreading regarding the latest Vatican/sex abuse scandal.

Catholics have become accustomed to lousy reporting on Church issues: godless, uneducated reporters who think “papal infallibility” means that if the Pope looks out his window and says, “Its-a gonna rain,” then we believe it will; and who can forget their brilliant stories about the Pope’s “crow’s ear” and those “Karma Lite nuns”…?

Language (and insider jargon) barriers, along with the Church‘s famously hopeless PR skills, don’t help, of course. But the following case of media malpractice can’t be blamed on Vatican ineptitude.

On Thursday, Hewitt interviewed Father Thomas Brundage, who woke up this week to find himself a leading player in the MSM’s coverage of the scandal — which surprised him no end because… well, I’ll let Brundage tell the story.

Read it, weep — and ask your friends who still read the New York Times why they do so:

HH: You are at the center of this Milwaukee allegation about the Pope. Tell our audience your perspective of what’s going on here. (…) [H]ave you been contacted prior to today by any of the media organizations covering this?

TB: Well, over the last 36 hours, I have been. But prior to that, no.

And what was astounding to me, to see my name quoted in the online version of the New York Times, as well as the Associated Press, I was just astounded that I was being quoted from a document that I eventually found at the website of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that was part of the case, and it wasn’t my handwriting. My handwriting is perfectly lousy. I can’t even read my own writing sometimes.

And I’ve eventually been able to trace it. It’s the handwriting of Bishop Cliff, and he apparently was taking notes during a phone conversation that we were having.

And I just think, you know, I studied journalism. At one time in my life, I was the editor of a newspaper. And there’s just some very basic journalistic principals that were broken in this matter, and one of which is you check facts, and you check quotes. And you have to make sure they’re accurate. And you know, I live in Alaska now. People aren’t aware that we’re one of the states of the United States. You don’t need a passport to get here. We have phones, telephones, faxes. I always answer my calls.

No, there was no contact at all…

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