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Joan Walsh: Daily Beast Lifts from Salon – Again

Posted on April 2 2010 10:27 am
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By Joan Walsh

I was reluctant to wade into the problems with plagiarism at the Daily Beast the first time around, when correspondent Gerald Posner was forced to resign for borrowing material from other publications for many of his stories on the site. One of the stories he plagiarized that was never publicized happened to be a 2007 Salon story by freelancer Shaun McCanna, on heroin use by American military personnel in Afghanistan.

It took three weeks after McCanna confronted TDB with evidence of plagiarism, but finally the site added an editor’s note crediting Salon.

When Gawker reported today that TDB again lifted from Salon — this time “Wingnuts” author and “special correspondent” John Avlon borrowed liberally, without appropriate credit, from an Alexander Zaitchik story, “Glenn Beck’s White Nationalist Fans” — I was bothered, but I quickly reached out to editor Tina Brown, a longtime Salon friend, asking for an explanation, rather than responding publicly. I haven’t gotten one yet; instead TDB’s public relations person Andrew Kirk, in a rather shrieking statement, has asked Gawker to retract Hamilton Nolan’s piece about Avlon’s borrowings from Salon.

Read the rest at Salon.

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