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How Many Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Refused to Sign the Hoyer-Cantor Letter in Support of Israel?

Posted on April 2 2010 10:32 am
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In response to the disturbing tensions rising between Israel and the United States Congressmen Steny Hoyer and Eric Cantor wrote a bi-partisan letter. Signed by 327 representatives, the letter is an entirely moderate, reasonable commitment to the US-Israel relationship.

Below is a list of those who did not sign it, appearing at the Zionism and Israel Information Center.

In the original list from the Information Center Republicans were included in bold and representatives endorsed by J Street were in red. Democrats were in plain text. I’ve highlighted below another group in this bold maroon font: members of the Congressional Black Caucus, all of whom are listed here.

Abercrombie, Neil Hinojosa, Ruben Paul, Ron*
Becerra, Xavier Hirono, Mazie K. Payne, Donald M.#
Berry, Marion Inslee, Jay# Pelosi, Nancy
Bishop, Timothy Issa, Darrell* Perriello, Tom#
Boucher, Rick Jackson Lee, Sheila Peterson, Collin C.
Butterfield, G.K. Johnson, Eddie Bernice Petri, Thomas*
Buyer, Steve* Jones, Walter B.* Polis, Jared#
Capps, Lois Kanjorski, Paul E. Pomeroy, Earl
Capuano, Michael E. Kaptur, Marcy Rahall, Nick
Carson, Andre Kennedy, Patrick Rangel, Charles B.#
Clay Jr., William “Lacy” Kildee, Dale Rush, Bobby L.
Cleaver, Emanuel Kilpatrick, Carolyn Ryan, Tim
Cohen, Steve Kucinich, Dennis J. Serrano, JoseE.
Conyers Jr., John Larsen, Rick Sestak, Joe
Costello, Jerry Larson, John B. Shea-Porter, Carol
Cuellar, Henry Lee, Barbara Slaughter, Louise
Dahlkemper, Kathy Loebsack, David Smith, Adam
Davis, Danny K. Lofgren, Zoe Snyder, Vic
DeFazio, Peter Markey, Betsy# Tanner, John
DeGette, Diana Markey, Ed Taylor, Gene
Delahunt, William# Massa, Eric J. J. Thompson, Bennie G.
DeLauro, Rosa L. McCollum, Betty# Thompson, Mike
Dicks, Norman D. McDermott, Jim Tierney, John
Dingell, John Meeks, Gregory W. VanHollen, Chris
Doggett, Lloyd Miller, George# Walz, Timothy J.
Edwards, Donna F.# Mollohan, Alan B. Waters, Maxine
Ehlers, Vernon J.* Moore, Gwen Watson, Diane E.
Ellison, Keith# Moran, Jim Watt, Mel
Eshoo, Anna G. Murphy, Christopher S.# Welch Peter#
Farr, Sam Neal, Richard E. Whitfield, Ed*
Fortenberry, Jeff* Obey, David R. Wilson, Charles A.
Grijalva, Raul Olver, John Woolsey, Lynn
Gutierrez, Luis Ortiz, Solomon P. Wu, David
Hinchey, Maurice# Pastor, Ed Yarmuth, John A.#

So what’s the total? 21 members of the Black Caucus did not sign the letter. That’s about a fifth of the total non-signers and half of the entire Black Caucus.

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