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Beating Up on the French Never Gets Old

Posted on April 2 2010 12:08 pm
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I’m one of those crappy friends that will make fun of you for your mistakes until there is simply no material left, no matter how far long ago, no matter how much you’ve changed. And it is in this way that I’m a proud American.

Despite this positive turnaround from Chirac to Sarkozy, it just feels good to kick the French around. Sarkozy, obviously because he understands this and loves us and wants us to be happy, decided to give us an excuse to take part in our national past time of French-bashing. He said, “Welcome to the club of states who don’t turn their back on the sick and the poor.”

And here’s the video of how Jon Stewart and his colleague reacted last night:

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France really ticked us off by undermining our efforts to form a coalition to oust Saddam Hussein, for various financial, political and egotistical reasons. Today, on the world stage, France is often acting with more spine than we are. The rhetoric from Sarkozy on Iran, even hinting at military action as an option, is a fresh break from Chirac.

When the Iraqis had enough of Syria’s supporting of terrorism on their soil and tried to get a U.N. tribunal established to prosecute those involved, France supported them while the U.S. stayed publicly neutral and according to one Iraqi official, actually said that the U.S. was trying to stop Iraq’s pressure.

I’m very appreciative of these changes. It is great that France and the U.S. are again united in facing the threats that face our democracies. But I’m still going to keep making fun of them.

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