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Gee, This Isn’t Surprising: A Paranoid, Anti-Semitic Comment from a Ron Paul Supporter

Posted on April 1 2010 2:00 pm
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Calvin posted a link in the headline board to John Hawkins’ interview of Ron Paul, highlighting the notorious congressman’s views on Abe Lincoln, slavery, and the Civil War.

He then got this all-too-predictable comment:

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Joseph Zrnchik · 15 hours ago

The author is another neocon Jew. He said it was not feasible to buy the slaves but found it economically feasible to carry out a long civil war, destroy the south, and have 600,000 people die. The fact is every country in the world ended slavery without a civil war and slavery was economically and politically dying due to its inherent contradictions and unfeasibility as an institution. Lincoln just wanted the south to be tax slaves for his mercantilist facist state and his dream of America has advanced to its logical conclusion: a facist police state whereby people keep telling themselves they are free while the government controls every aspect of their lives.
It’s safe to assume that every single time NRB even so much as mentions Ron Paul we’ll get an anti-Semitic comment attacking us as some sort of propagators of a Zionist tyranny. But the implications of this constant anti-Semitism is of no concern whatsoever to the Paulastinian cult. Me pointing it out is just a “Jewish plot” to “smear” the Good Doctor.
[BTW, how many Paulastinian commenters are going to be like, “Duh, what’s so anti-Semitic about that? He’s just calling him a Jew. It’s not like he’s saying that he needs to be gassed and his body burnt in a crematorium.”]
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