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Oops! Media Forgot to Cover Left-wing Anti-Semitism

Posted on March 31 2010 2:27 pm
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Oh darn. Well, it’s not as important as Sarah Palin’s Facebook page anyway. 

Shortly before the controversial Tea Party rally in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada there was a nationally organized anti-war rally on March 20th to mark the 7 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. It took place in cities across the country with group participants such as “ANSWER” and “United for Peace and Justice” and many, many others. You probably didn’t hear much about it because Bush is out of office now. Anti-war protests just don’t command the media attention they used to. This particular confluence of conviviality featured such lovely messages as: 

To stop all war’s [sic] you must do one thing: Be kind to animal’s [sic]; spay and neuter all filthy Jews. 

Israel — not Muslims — did 9/11 (with Jewish & Gentile U.S. zionist helpers)

These signs came out of the rally in Los Angles, CA which was loaded with 9/11 truthers who are notoriously anti-semitic. By the way, I had to insert the nonexistent punctuation for the first sign to make it legible. Such a cerebral crowd these protests draw! 

This person caught some really great shots. Lots and lots of Swastikas and Stars of David. Here’s just one example:

[Solidier’s Name & Photo] Global Hatred and Deceit of “Chosen People” Cannibalized by [Swastika]=[Star of David] 9/11 Is Indeed Zionist Conspiracy 

But really, that’s not the half of it. These “peace” rallies generate some of the most disgusting rhetoric on the political landscape. One man scrawled on an American flag,

American imperialism by theft and murder

Another sign:

Free abortion on demand! Women’s liberation through Socialist Revolution! 

One picture from the same event shows a t-shirt with the words, 

F*** Capitalism (® Revolution Books)

which you could purchase for a mere $15.00. There is no better repudiation of capitalism than purchasing — for the low price of $15.00 — a mass-produced, registered trademarked garment which say so. Be the first socialist on the block to have one!   

Here are some more photos from San Francisco. I especially enjoy the first protester’s apt use of the word “BullS***” to fully capture the range of his frustration. What a jubilant fellow. 

But remember! It’s the Tea Partyers you really have to be afraid of. 

**Note: Lead image not taken from a March 20th, 2010 protest. 


Nichole Hungerford is Social Media Director and Contributor to Smart Girl Nation. You can follow her work at Obama Porn or via Twitter @ObamaPorn

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