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Call the Campus Stalinists By their True Name

Posted on March 31 2010 2:29 pm
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NRB’s Alex Knepper has gotten himself into a bit of hat water with the so-called “feminist” Left at his alma mater, American University.

He wrote a column challenging the college “date rape” dogma and has since been renounced by “liberals” throughout the blogosphere and on campus. Newspapers were stolen. Calls for his resignation from the paper came in.

When Alex started telling me about his story I could predict all these details before he even began.

Campus conservatives need to really understand what they’re dealing with here. Alex is not facing “liberals” who merely disagree with his position and want to debate the issue. He’s up against campus Stalinists who want to wipe him and his heretical ideas off the face of the map.

Why do I say Stalinist? Because that’s the tradition from which this brand of leftism has descended. In the USSR Joseph Stalin institutionalized policies in which anyone who stood in the way of the the Communist “utopia” were eliminated by any means necessary. It was the logical conclusion of Marxism. Ultimately if you want to perfect the world and institute “social justice” what it comes down to is murdering everyone who refuses to submit.

Today’s campuses practice the same thing only at a watered-down level. Instead of debating Alex’s points, campus Stalinists seek to censor him and cast him as an intellectual leper with views no reasonable person would ever want to consider for but a moment.

The definitive book on this subject is David Horowitz’s Uncivil Wars in which he recounts his battles with the “reparations for slavery” Stalinists. The story is basically identical to Alex’s except David was slandered as a racist instead of a “date rape apologist” and sought to place ads opposing reparations instead of having written a column.

Understand: when engaging with this hard, Stalinist Left it’s political warfare. And conservatives are not the ones declaring it. These are not “liberals” whom conservative can have a friendly beer with and debate the merits of one public policy or another.

These are people who regard any conservative defenders of liberty, the constitution, and America as racist, sexist, Pro-Torture, Nazi, War-Mongers. They are incapable of being reasoned with and can only be defeated. As such, conservatives need to knuckle down, acknowledge the nature of the radical assault, and support Alex.

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