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The Waxman Stupak letter to AT&T and Caterpillar

Posted on March 30 2010 3:30 pm
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A friend from another blog site just sent me an interesting eMail regarding the progressive’s attempt to stifle opposition to the healthcare bill. When anyone lies as much as the progressives have on this issue, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes back to bite them. You can read the entire letter here.

Hopefully they’ve over reached the limits of credibility this time.


“Today’s “Daily Caller” and many other news resources, is a headline regarding the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce headed by Henry Waxman, and the link to a copy of the letter sent by Henry Waxman to the CEO’s of all the companies who outwardly protested the health care legislation and who placed a price tag on the impact to their bottom line.

When you read the letter, you will realize that Waxman and Stupak (co-author) are shocked to hear these claims coming from these executives because the bill was designed to bring down the cost, making reference to the CBO scoring of the cost of the bill, where the CBO concluded the cost would decline for most companies by as much as 3%.

As we all know by now, these bills, when sent to the CBO for cost analysis are sent with instructions and scoring prescriptions dictated by the House and/or Senate leader.

These instructions are pre-designed to spit out a certain number consistent with the sponsoring party’s claim so they can point to the CBO as an impartial witness to the validity of whatever is being claimed.

The cage the Democrats have built for themselves, especially in this case, is that all of the variables used in this highly complex equation are fictional, therefore these variables will not happen as claimed thus the cost of this program is destined for calamity!

Health Care costs are destined to go through the roof and the facts supporting that conclusion will be evidenced in mind-boggling detail by each of the CEO/CFO’s of A.T.T, Verizon, Caterpillar, etc., etc.

Now, I know the prevailing theory here is that this is an attempt at intimidation and to silence the opposition, and I recognize that easily could be their motives, but I see it potentially, as a very good thing, as well as unforeseen by the Democrats!

My reasoning is based upon two verifiable conclusions:

1. When anyone falsifies as much and as often, as our congressional representatives do, they inevitably and ultimately fall prey to their own deception. The Democrats have done just that.

2. I believe these executives will do what they do best –Talk Numbers! They will give the 111th Congress more than they bargained for and will shove the ACCURATE FINANCIAL ANALYSIS of this ‘nation-wide intestinal gut bomb’ down the very throats of those congressmen who just shoved it down the throats of the American electorate who overwhelmingly opposed it!

The combination of these two factors should produce a deer-in-the-headlights look on those democrat faces who will have been given a lesson in real-world economics and corporate finance.

The analysis we will see at these hearings should have been the analysis we got back from the CBO, unless of course, they decide not to televise the hearings!

Which is my only fear.

Thanks for reading….and if you think it is worthy, pass it on.

The “Charlotte Patriot”

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