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Jon Stewart Jokes About GOP Fomenting Violence, Doesn’t Mention Threat Against Cantor

Posted on March 30 2010 11:48 am
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Last night’s episode of The Daily Show really wasn’t funny. Jon Stewart noted the threats and violence against Democratic congressmen, and then showed clips of tough Republican rhetoric related to health care—some of which is over-the-top and I’ve criticized. He did this to mock the notion that these two things aren’t connected, and that the GOP, with its angry rhetoric, pushes people to engage in violence. He even makes a wisecrack about them sounding like the KKK.

As a registered Independent, I usually don’t mind making fun of conservatives and Republicans. I usually enjoy Jon Stewart’s program, but this is too much. Calling on people to mobilize to oust politicians you disagree with is a far, far cry from advocating violence, and the rhetoric we see today over the health care bill is not different from the heated rhetoric over any other hot-button issue.

Watch the video below:

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Stewart didn’t even mention that Republican Congressman Eric Cantor was targeted in this despicable round of politically-motivated threats and violence. The FBI has arrested a Philadelphia man who donated to President Obama’s campaign and made death threats against him. The report does not say that the man is connected to a shooting originally thought to be aimed at Cantor, although the police believe the bullet was now randomly fired into the air and struck the window of his office.

It can’t be said that the bullet was a political statement for sure, but the firing of the gun near Cantor’s campaign office is an indication that it was.  Nevertheless, if The Daily Show wanted to comment on the current environment, the threats to Republicans should have been mentioned as well–but then it wouldn’t fit into the point that’s trying to be made about the reckless tone of the GOP.

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