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How Feminists Judge: “He Looks Rape-y”

Posted on March 30 2010 2:30 pm
I am: Alex Knepper. 20 years old. Republican. Classically liberal. Atheist. Gay. Contrarian. I support: Laissez-faire capitalism. A robust foreign policy. Social tolerance. Individualism. Reason. I oppose: Statism. Collectivism. Government schools. Psychiatry. Religion -- especially Islam. I admire: Aristotle. Epictetus. John Taylor Gatto. Rudy Giuliani. Barry Goldwater. Rudy Giuliani. Friedrich Hayek. Christopher Hitchens. H.L. Mencken. Ludwig von Mises. Camille Paglia. Isabel Paterson. Ayn Rand. Robert Spencer. Thomas Szasz.
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The aftermath of my column

For the past two days, I have been embroiled in an enormous campus controversy concerning a column I wrote criticizing the concept of “date rape” and decrying the victim-based ideology of the sexual left. Printed in the university’s paper, the American University Eagle, the column went up on its website on Sunday night.

Readers of NewsReal Blog can probably anticipate what’s coming next. Papers were vandalized, people have been intimidated — par-for-the-course. I knew what I was getting into. Although from a pro-feminist perspective, Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper has the run-down of who said what.

Sometime yesterday,, a leading feminist blog, decided to chip in its two cents. What did the site’s commenters say when they found a picture of me — that wasn’t actually of me?

In the responses to’s reaction to my article, a picture of me was posted by a commenter, who proceeded to criticize me for looking like a “bag of douche.” Commenter “lillymaidofastolat” declared that I look “like a rape-y, creepy guy.” Some of them bashed my facial hair patterns.

The problem? The picture wasn’t of me. Oops!

Let’s turn the tables here: let’s assume that a group of conservatives dug up a picture of a feminist and proceeded to criticize her hairstyle, say that she looks like a slutty whore, and criticize her for looking like a bitch. Far be it from me to say that most feminists are not bitches — but wouldn’t this be proof-positive of misogyny, in the eyes of these womyn?

Although the picture has now been deleted, proof of its presence — and the ugly comments left beneath it — remains.

The feminists also bombarded me with the following niceties: I am “going to make some unlucky woman very, very, very bored in bed,” I was clearly “rejected for my looks” and speaking from my “hormone-addled” lust for girls. Other comments referred to me as a frustrated frat boy trying to justify his longing to date-rape women.

Um, yeah. More problems: I’m gay. I’m also a teetotaler.

Don’t feminists usually call this “heteronormativity” — the assumption of a person’s heterosexuality?

Seldom do we get such spectacular proof of feminist insularity. They are so busy fighting their stock characters that they cannot even be bothered to spend three minutes on Google to research my background. So eager are they to destroy the straw man of a boozy frat boy who (not-so-) secretly wants to rape them — that they don’t even stop to ask me, my editors, or my publishers about who I am. I’m an opponent of radical feminism and I used the word “rape” — to the vanguard, ladies!

Over the next 72 hours, I will update here at NRB with my continued experiences in dealing with cultural Marxism and censorship-by-intimidation on campus. Depressingly, this incident is just the beginning.

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