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Alan Grayson’s Pathetic Attempt at Fund Raising: Names His Straw Man George W. Bush

Posted on March 29 2010 4:50 pm
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We have all heard of children with imaginary friends. Here’s a new one, how about a congressman with imaginary enemies?

In a laughable attempt at fund raising, Alan Grayson the Florida Democrat that put himself on the national radar screen with asinine statements like, “Republicans want you to die quick” has posted a mock video of a bumbling George W. Bush on The Huffington Post, mispronouncing and making up words as he claims to be going after Grayson. Grayson wants you to believe it’s because he has courage.

Grayson boasts that his friends are Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Dennis Kucinich and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. But he seems to take more pride in his “enemies.”

Grayson writes:

“Sarah Palin came to my district two weeks ago, and told her zombie minions to “take me out.” The National Republican Party says that I’m their #1 target in 2010. And now, it’s George W. Bush’s turn. See for yourself:”

Grayson is the poster-boy for shallow politics. As the facts about the new health care monstrosity comes out of the back rooms into the light of day, his outlandish tirades will come back to haunt him.

Being void of actual facts, leftists like Grayson tend to rely on bumper sticker slogans to argue and drown out their opposition. His Huffpo column, using this video in an attempt to raise funds for his campaign, relies solely on old Bush jokes to garnish his support.

If the passage of health care “reform” was their crowing achievement, why isn’t he running an ad touting his vote? Could it be because the courage he talks about, is the courage to vote against his constituency?

As the facts of Obamacare begin to surface, they will pave the road for conservatives to win elections. Then their straw man arguments and imaginary enemies will leave the shallow leftists like Grayson looking like scarecrows singing “If I only had a brain…”

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