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Twog Goes To Re-Edukation Camp Over Chips And A Slurpee

Posted on March 28 2010 12:57 pm
Twog is a creature of mysterious origin who emerged from the bowels of the blogosphere.
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Twog out of breath. Running hard. Correctional Officers from Michelle Obama Fresh Produce Summer Fun Internment Camp hot on tail. Twog do a Reggie Bush at last moment and escape.

For now.

Twog know he put the pounds on since arriving in Earth atmosphere – but he happen to love USA convenience food. So quick! So many choices!

On Tuesday make usual daily trip to Best Store In Cosmos but this time attempt to buy too much: Gross of Sugar Babies purchase elicits outrage. Someone text hot tip to Wellness Posse and Twog find himself washing organic carrots and chopping Radicchio until his furry little fingers cramp and stop working.

Maybe this man turn Twog in:

Washington (CNN) — The convenience store near my house is where I first became aware of the problem.

There, an overweight girl, maybe 10 years old, had just persuaded her mother to buy her potato chips and a Slurpee.

It was 11:15 at night.

From that moment forward, I saw overweight and obese kids everywhere: At church, in Wal-Mart, at the movies. Everywhere.

Or maybe Mike Huckabee make the call. No matter. Twog see it as just one more battle to fight.

Twog talk later about how he get away. Right now need to spread word about what happen to overeaters under current regime. Twog lay low. Maybe other Twoggers purchase his Zagnuts for awhile.

Read here about plan to make everyone skinny. Among other behavioral changes. Jumping  jacks and Turn in Your Neighbor all over again.

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