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Obama In Afghanistan With Karzai – Think Photographers Were Allowed?

Posted on March 28 2010 2:33 pm
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The big headline this morning is President Obama’s secret flight to Afghanistan and his meeting, including photo ops (?) and a public review of Afghanistan troops, alongside Hamid Karzai.  Today’s L.A. Times report includes a narrative of U.S. Helicopters “thundering overhead” as Obama winged his way from the airport to Karzai’s palace for the big show.

Somehow this is all bringing back that awful hollow sinking feeling inside me when I first read Michael van der Galien’s gut-punching description of Obama dumping Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu alone in the White House Meeting Room, without even an invitation to break bread and have a photo taken.  I’m just not adapting very well to the one-hundred-eighty degree turn this President has made against Israel.

The L.A. Times’ coverage of the trip is here:

 “Reporting from Kabul, Afghanistan, and Washington – President Obama flew into Afghanistan’s capital Sunday on an unannounced visit, his first trip as president to a country where tens of thousands of new U.S. troops are being deployed this year….

…Afghanistan, along with neighboring Pakistan, are probably the largest foreign-policy challenges of Obama’s presidency, and he has overseen a troop buildup of about 50,000 forces since he took office…”

 Interesting that the push by the World of Islam, including Iran going nuclear, to destroy Israel didn’t rate a mention by the Times as a top Obama foreign policy challenge.  Ah, but I’ve already forgotten. Israel as America’s best friend is but a distant memory – She is now the great impediment to the Middle Eastern Peace Process and thereby the source of all grievances the World of Islam has with Western Civilization.  Get Israel out of the way – we can all hold hands together and sing Kumbaya – or perhaps recite Sura 9 from the Koran.

“…After an all-night flight, Obama arrived in Afghanistan on Air Force One shortly after 7 p.m. at Bagram airfield, the sprawling U.S. airbase north of the capital…

…Helicopters thundered overhead in Kabul’s night sky as he was flown directly to the presidential palace for talks with Karzai…”

 Thanks so much for that special description, L.A. Times.  I’m just sure that this particular thunder was especially powerful and earth-shaking with this particular President aboard.

 “…The two men emerged briefly from the presidential palace for a welcoming ceremony. At the parade grounds, the national anthem was played, and Karzai and Obama reviewed Afghan troops….”

Hey.  I’ve got a can of Diet Pepsi that says photos were permitted, and that Obama sat down for a halal snack with Karzai.  Bets, anyone?

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