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Are Iraqi bonds just as safe as California bonds?

Posted on March 28 2010 3:14 pm
I'm an Objectivist, a disciple of Ayn Rand since I was 15. Graduate of NBI (Nathaniel Branden Institute) 1964 I was a philosophy major @ NYU & dropped out to join the Marine Corps Served as a Combat Photographer in late 60's I've been writing for over 20 years.
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Gambling on Iraq’s slow rise from ruin

Hub investors bought bonds others shunned
By Farah Stockman Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — Some count the kidnappings. Others count the suicide bombs. Still others count the deaths of US soldiers. But, in the saga of Iraq’s slow struggle toward normalcy, Robert Smith keeps track of something far more obscure: the price of Iraqi governmentissued bonds.

Smith, one of Boston’s most intrepid investors, has made his fortune betting on the world’s most dangerous places. Dubbed the “Indiana Jones of International Finance,’’ Smith buys IOUs from governments so unstable that few others will touch them.

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