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ACORN: The Movie – Is It Possible?

Posted on March 28 2010 3:47 am
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The last few months have been full of conservatives railing against the anti-American attitude that is all too present in the wildly successful 3D sensation Avatar. Once the hype over that film dies something will have to take its place; what if there was a film about ACORN? As interesting as such a film could be, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath.

On Wednesday, Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld discussed the prospect of an ACORN movie:

“If ACORN was a right-wing entity and the pranksters were lefties, this would quickly become a mega-million dollar movie, directed by Steven Soderbergh, with George Clooney as the bad guy.”

Hollywood loves to distort the truth so why would something like the facts stop them from spinning the ACORN story to their benefit? Here is where we would find a film about a corrupt drug company (Clooney can play the evil doctor) and corrupt practices that will be exposed by Matt Damon (puppet for the late Howard Zinn) and Marion Cotillard (9/11 truther) who play a couple of left wing vigilantes. Tom Cruise could make a cameo as a radical Republican senator who is on the drug company’s payroll.

Odds are it would win a handful of Academy Awards due to the “heroic truth-telling nature” of the film. It would also most likely be “A Spike Lee Joint” produced by Oliver Stone.

But what if I were to pitch the ACORN film myself? I would most likely be citing great social commentary films of the past like Network. I might also mention All The President’s Men, seeing that the politics of that film may get their attention.  After all, they have to love a story about heroic journalists. Unfortunately, today’s studio execs have never seen either film. They also know very little about the ACORN story.

“We heard it was a bunch of highly paid radical right-wingers that set out to destroy President Obama,” they said with confidence. I would respond, “No, it was actually a couple of courageous journalists who uncovered corruption in our inner cities. They have single handedly squandered a major player that was to blame in part for the destruction of our major cities.” I would be told that I watch too much FOX News and the studio execs would break into laughter.

“Let me tell you who I have lined up for cast and director,” I said with a smile. Before I could go further I would feel two security guards ask me to leave. The studio execs continued laughing about their FOX News comment. I suppose they wouldn’t have liked my choices for cast and director anyway, which is unfortunate. Upon being escorted out I would hear the two execs discussing how James Cameron was robbed at the Oscars (ha!).

The story of two journalists uncovering corruption at ACORN could be a great film. It doesn’t have to be a movie about the Right and the Left, but rather about how the government isn’t always the answer. Today we see too many mind numbing (instead of thought provoking) ideologically driven films from the Hollywood left, so we shouldn’t place any bets for an honest film about the infamous association of community organizers.

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