Rhonda Robinson

The Biggest Bullies Always Cry the Loudest

Posted on March 27 2010 4:20 pm
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When I was young, I was prone to yelling when I was angry. As time went on, I learned to temper my voice into what, in our family, is known as an “impassioned plea”; which is the level of intensity our teenagers may respectfully use to state their case.

As my blond hair has turned to platinum (alright gray) real anger is rare. However, it is now marked by silent reserve, as I pull in and consider the situation –and my response.

Wise parents learn to delay their anger when dealing with quarreling siblings, as the situation is seldom as it seems. For example; the child screaming the loudest at the scene of the crime, can actually be suffering from the consequences of his own actions-rather than being the victim he would like his parents to believe him to be.

Even a child knows, as a victim, he automatically gains the moral high ground, and garnishes the power of justice to his side. It’s also the tactical defense of bullies and the emotionally stunted Left. From professional victim “Rev.” Jesse Jackson, to the White House chihuahua, Chris Matthews, leftists have been whining all week long.

It’s time for the adults to ignore the whining, and look at the bigger picture.

It’s a given that law abiding citizens do not threaten officials. Conservatives by nature are law abiding; we don’t use slander, destroy private property or bite off the fingers of those we disagree with.

Christian comedian, Tyler Mason, recently wrote a column he titled “What’s Going On?” Mason wrote in regards to a previously written a column titled “Declaration of War” in which he “called President Obama and the Democratic Party to task” for declaring a victory over his wishes concerning health care.

Mason has had to request that his column be stricken from the internet because of threats, which named his wife and children.

In spite of the fact that Mason has put the shortcomings of previous administrations into his routine, he has found himself threatened by the left, and censored by not the main stream media—but the Christian media.

Mason writes:

“It has been 15 months since this administration took over the office of the President. I have been called racist, homophobic, stupid, fundamentalist, fascist, nazi, ignorant and a slew of profanities.”

“All of which I laugh off. Because none are true.”

“Threats to my family I cannot laugh off.”

“And I will tell you that being censored is scary.”

What is scary is that this type of hate has been spewing from the left, and continues to do so with the silent blessings of the media. What has been happening pales in comparison their daily attacks, but you wouldn’t know it to hear them cry.

Jesse Jackson writes in the Huffington Post:

“These days will live in infamy, as the scenes of our elected representatives shouting, “you lie” and “baby killer” echo inside the halls of Congress…These and other radical statements from members of Congress, conservative talk show hosts and “protestors” are drawing ideological lines — states’ rights versus federalism, harkening back to the cultural lines drawn over the civil war and modern civil rights movement. They revive our worse fears and divisions.”

These are dark days indeed; when the President is accused of lying (gasp) and pro-choice Senators are accused of killing babies, and Conservatives are considered “right-wing terrorists” and need to be quiet.

This is nothing more than childish manipulation turned grown-up evil, which must not be acknowledged, lest it be validated and tolerated.

Americans’ impassioned pleas do not need to be hushed. Let the bullies whine and cry all they want.

When the adults get real quiet, behind the voting curtain–that’s when we’ll give them something to really cry about.

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