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Joan Walsh Is on a Tear . . . of Lies

Posted on March 27 2010 11:38 am
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Just a few days ago, I noted that Ms. Walsh had a little fit of demagoguery over Stupak and the nuns.Today’s column carries on the same technique of taking as givens (for purposes of “informing” her audience) assertions that simply aren’t true, then castigating others for moral equivalency.

The opening gambit is to compare Eric Cantor’s assertion that his office was shot at with that of Ashley Todd, a McCain campaign worker who claimed to have been beaten up by political opponents, and whose story was later discovered—Tawana Brawley-like—to have been manufactured. Cantor’s office storefront in Richmond, according to police, was hit by a stray bullet, but there is no evidence to suggest that someone was aiming for it. Cantor had announced the incident earlier in response to demagoguing by congressional Democrats regarding Tea Party (or as they like to say, Tea Bagger) violence, with the MSM quickly following their cue, as you can see here.

Let’s for the moment put aside comparisons, such as those regarding noose incidents, some examples of which can be found herehere, or here, though I could reach back and find many others. Let’s also put aside the privacy violations that were so loudly decried by opponents of Bush, but which are magnified a thousand fold under ObamaCare and the relentless drive towards totalitarianism, and the question whether Ms. Walsh has so much as tut-tutted any violence to persons or property at peace or anti-globo rallies. In fact, I’m feeling so generous that I’m not even going to bother to find out what, if anything, she said about Kenneth Gladney’s beatdown by Purple Shirts of color spewing racist epithets.

Instead, let’s stick to what Ms. Walsh asserts. Ashley Todd was an ass, and I hope that she was charged with filing a false police report at the very least. That said:

But for a few days, the right wing insisted Todd’s attacker was the Democratic equivalent of the menacing crowds at Sarah Palin rallies shouting “Kill him!” and “Terrorist!” about Obama.

It’s completely untrue, based on an assertion by one journalist who is contradicted by the numerous Secret Service agents sprinkled throughout the crowd. Nevertheless, it is hauled out as a given thing by Ms. Walsh.

We needn’t really go that far back, though. The claim that Emanuel Cleaver was spat on the other day turns not to be true, either. A vociferous man who was not even hollering at Cleaver himself, did not prevent his spittle from impacting Cleaver as he went by. It was claimed that a rock was hurled through anti-abortion Democrat Driehaus’s office window, when that office is on the thirtieth floor of a Cincinnati building. The Carnahan coffin incident didn’t turn out as advertised. Then there’s the matter of Condomquiddick. And if anyone has documented proof of the n-word being hurled, as claimed by Andre Carson, against the CBC the other day, Andrew Breitbart will make you $10k richer. Surely, given the numbers of recording devices, there must exist a trace of this awful slur.

Walsh does reference the story of a maniac rear-ending the car of a man with an Obama sticker on the bumper, and that person ought to be put away for awhile. Does she doubt that I could cite numerous instances of violence or threats of violence against Republicans by Obama supporters? She need look no further than the mockery that was made of American election law by virtue of Holder’s bizarre decision to quash a judgment against members of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia. Some gay supporters of Hillary in Chicago have been harassed by Obamaphiles so much that they’ve responded with a blog. Does she remember the uproar about Bill Sparkman, supposedly murdered by yokels as a threat to Census workers everywhere? Has she denounced actual incitements to violence on the airwaves?

Ms. Walsh’s denunciations aren’t worth an Obama EO, when she resorts to lying to make her case. I’m sorry, but that is an immediate bar to credibility here, just as it is in the case of AGW. Straighten up, Joanie Baloney, because our Tea Party anger stems from the insulting lies that the administration and their Congress keep telling us, and that you and most of the MSM seem only too willing to abet.

(Idea of Scott Baker at

The House voted to censure Joe Wilson when he shouted “You lie!” after Obama claimed that illegal immigrants wouldn’t be covered by his legislation. They then had to spend the night making their counter-claims true. And we will see, won’t we, Joan? And I’m sure you’ll be the first person to point out that Obama will have lied, even if he grants amnesty to those illegals, and to demand an apology on his behalf, because you are a paragon of journalistic virtue.

This post was first published at Dan’s own blog Piece of Works in Progress.

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