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What if Rick Salutin said ‘the n-word’ and nobody cared?

Posted on March 26 2010 12:03 pm
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Anti-Coulter protest outside University of Ottawa

The Grope & Flail Globe & Mail considers itself Canada’s New York Times (which they still think is a good thing for some reason). However, to mangle Pauline Kael’s line about Nixon voters, nobody I know actually reads it.

Today someone emailed me a new column about Ann Coulter’s visit to Canada, by the Globe’s aging in-house hipster, Rick Salutin. (Think of a travel sized Nat Hentoff.)

Being an old time leftist with residual liberal instincts, Salutin duly defends to the death Coulter’s right to say blah blah blah etc, etc., and tells uptight, censorious anti-Coulter protesters to grow a thicker skin. He’ll take a lot of abuse from fellow lefties for that today, and that’s too bad, but not surprising, given what Canadians have witnessed of their behavior this week.

Alas, Salutin’s column also endorses pie throwing, which he calls (cough) “symbolic speech.” Some day, however, one of those pies will contain battery acid. I wonder how “symbolic” and “Marcusian” Salutin would think such a pie was, after being hit with one himself…

Worse, Salutin also perpetuates the meme about Democrat legislators being threatened by crazed “tea partiers” since the passage of Obamacare. He writes:

Take the black congressmen in Washington this week who were spat on and called “nigger” as they went to work. They didn’t whine or file a human-rights complaint. They’d been through it all on the freedom rides and sit-ins in the old days. They weren’t shocked, even if they were (wearily) appalled. They have overcome, and they still have their eyes on the prize; that’s what counts. I’ve seen woise, they could say, like Billy Crystal as the wizard healer in The Princess Bride when Westley’s corpse is laid before him.

Besides being a stunning display of how many cliches a well paid, award winning columnist with Canada’s “paper of record” can squeeze into a single paragraph, here Salutin inadvertently repeats the somewhat dubious reports about American legislators being called the n-word. Given all the video cameras running during that alleged event, you can bet that if taped evidence existed of such a slur, the MSM would be running it non-stop by now, a la Rodney King.

Today, Michelle Malkin has a clip-and-save column recounting all the fake “hate crimes” that have gained notoriety over the past few years, and invites readers to reserve judgment on these new allegations until the facts come in.

As a Canadian, I’m particularly amused by Salutin’s bold use of “n*gger” (without the asterix) in public. That’s a word Ann Coulter has never used in one of her columns, and yet, oddly enough, she’s the one accused of spouting “racist hate speech”.

But wait, you say: obviously Salutin is using the word in context, for a legitimate journalistic reason.

And you are correct. BUT Canada’s “hate speech” laws do NOT recognize “context” as a defense.

So sorry, Rick Salutin. Turn up your hearing aid so you’ll catch it when Canada’s “hate speech” cops come knocking, to seize your computer without a warrant and…

Oh wait, what am I thinking? Salutin is a lefty, so that would never happen! My bad.

Not sure the great Rex Murphy is safe, however…

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