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The IRS On Steroids

Posted on March 26 2010 10:26 am
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Obamacare depends on your friendly Internal Revenue Service to enforce the individual mandate to purchase health insurance.  It will be getting into our face every month to monitor that we all have the health insurance required by the federal government.  The feds will have access to our medical records.  And the IRS will be collecting the civil fine of $750 or 2.7% of gross income, whichever is higher, from anyone they catch daring to disobey the Obama commandments.

And as if our taxes were not high enough as it is, the IRS will also be busy helping to collect all of the new taxes enacted to pay for Obamacare.

About 16,500 new agents will be hired by the IRS to take on its expanded Obamacare duties.

The Democrats know how infuriating the IRS’s further intrusion into our lives will be to the American people.  So, as usual, they try to deceive us. 

When Bill O’Reilly, for example, confronted Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner about the new IRS enforcement role the other night on “The Factor,” Weiner refused five times to explain why the IRS will be enforcing the individual mandate.  In fact, he denied that the IRS would even have this role, accusing O’Reilly of being “deceptive.” Of course, it is Weiner who was being deceptive.  

The Republicans should re-name Obamacare “The IRS Steroid Act of 2010” and force the Democrats to defend this monstrous expansion of IRS powers over our lives.

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