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Obama’s Big Lie

Posted on March 26 2010 5:51 pm
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In this nation of ours founded by tax-hating patriots Americans are now taking to the streets to complain about ObamaCare taxes that will be collected at gunpoint.

The horror!

Yet the Obama administration and Democrats, having successfully rammed their tax-hiking Mussolini-esque healthcare takeover down Americans’ throats, are complaining bitterly about the backlash resulting from ignoring their constituents’ impassioned pleas not to destroy the world’s best healthcare system.

It’s the same old story. To lefties, liberals who protest are noble, patriotic souls but conservatives are evil threats to public safety and the very existence of the Republic.

President Obama and his allies in Congress are characterizing these entirely legitimate expressions of political opinion as tantamount to violence. It’s part of their plan to delegitimize their political opposition. It’s the Big Lie.

Meanwhile, people are leaving angry, even obscene messages at congressional offices.

Good. After their disgraceful behavior during the ObamaCare saga the politicians deserve abuse from their constituents. James Madison would be pleased right now to see politicians afraid of The People. It’s a healthy thing and I hope it continues (I’m pretty confident it will).

Glenn Beck noted on his TV show that Americans want the Republican Party to continue fighting socialist medicine:

A new poll from CBS shows that 62 percent of Americans want the GOP to continue fighting this legislation. And that’s not just those angry Republicans: 41 percent of Democrats polled want the GOP to continue fighting the bill. Looks like decent bipartisan support against it.

Will they? I hope so.

I was on a progressive talk radio show being shrieked at by a radical leftist who can’t stand the fact that the American people are daring to question ObamaCare which he doesn’t think goes far enough.

Freaked out former Air America talker Thom Hartmann spent a segment on his radio show yesterday yelling at me, symbol that I am of all this is wrong with America. Here it is:

Hartmann is a 9/11 truther and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, for what it’s worth.

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