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Giddy About Remaking America

Posted on March 26 2010 5:55 am
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by Victor Davis Hanson

If we assume that Obama & Co. wish to radically remake the United States — along the lines of a European socialist society, or perhaps to the left even of a Belgium or Denmark — then the past 14 months were as predictable as the sun rising.

To transmogrify a center-right country into a liberal utopia, certain things follow: higher taxes on the better-off to pay for redistribution and to bring “fairness” to society (e.g., called “redistributive change,”“spread the wealth,” “patriotic,” “paying your fair share”); increased government coercion to force the reluctant to conform (e.g., new IRS agents, more regulations and government intrusion, mandatory new fees); a growing constituency to administer and receive entitlements (e.g., I never really heard much about ACORN or SEIU until the Obama ascendancy); a public relations campaign to demonize the skeptical as enemies of civil society, starting with “selfish” and “greedy,” escalating to “racists,” and finally reaching the dangerous level of “terrorists” who “threaten officials” (those who used to court Michael Moore, or snooze about books and movies suggesting scenarios of killing George Bush are suddenly worried about uncivil discourse); a new neutralist foreign policy to match defense cuts on the horizon and to adjust our stature abroad with our new more revolutionary profile at home (cf. the treatment of an Israel or Britain to the new efforts at winning over Iran and Syria; or our shrinking Navy and Air Force); a highly educated, urban technocracy not subject to its own new protocols and dependent on an ever growing bureau (e.g., Geithnerism, or the strange career of Van Jones); and a new euphemism in language (there is no “terrorism” any more, liberals disappeared and were replaced by “progressives,” we have no more enemies from the radical Islamic world, etc.)

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