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Fahrenheit 9/11 Is Going to Be Dethroned and the Muslim World is Not Going to Be Happy

Posted on March 25 2010 11:43 am
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Move over Michael Moore, you’re about to be beat. The Exodus Conspiracy is a documentary that, in my opinion, will have greater affect on the world than possibly any other film. Check out the  website by clicking here.

The movie’s argument is that a mountain of archaeological evidence confirms the historical accuracy of the Bible’s story about the Israelites, particularly about the Exodus story. This evidence is being covered up and even destroyed by Arab governments and rioters, who know full well what proving the historicity of the Old Testament does for their own political claims. In the case of Mt. Sinai, which is located in Saudi Arabia and not Egypt as traditionally thought, the implication of a Jewish holy site in a Muslim land is explosive.

Having seen a preview copy, I can assure you that the evidence is compelling. This is a topic I’ve been intensely interested in for years. I wrote about some of the evidence in a Pajamas Media article (click here). The film is largely based on the excellent work of Dr. Lennart Moller in his book, “The Exodus Case.” The book is one of the best I’ve ever read. It is extremely detailed and sometimes technical, but is packed with photos and details, so much so that I remember additional evidence every time I read it.

I’m a natural skeptic and analyst, who obsessively critiques every word and asks every question to the point where it’s downright annoying. I am confident in saying that, based on this film, the Exodus story as it is written is accurate. The life of Joseph, the slavery of the Hebrews in Egypt, the plagues, the Red Sea Crossing, the events at Mt. Sinai including the worship of the altar of the golden calf and the miracle of water that sprung forth from the stricken rock—the evidence is there for all to see.

When this film finally hits theaters, it will be the talk of the world. It’s an ongoing project, reliant upon the aid of people that feel this is as important as they do. To those able to donate, I encourage becoming part of making history.

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