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Can Nuclear Terrorism Be Included in Health Insurance?

Posted on March 25 2010 5:17 pm
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In the aftermath of the Health Care Reform bill passage, while the Democrats busy themselves characterizing their own constituents as terrorists, they might want to give some thought to the real terrorists out there they have been more or less ignoring for the last year. It might be prudent to do so since a 200 kiloton air burst over Washington would render the subject of health insurance, and Congress itself, moot.

One can understand, in a Mephistophelean sort of way, the strategy of recasting the legitimate rage of the American people as a mental disorder or worse (very ably described by Rhonda Robinson in her recent NRB post), but like the bill that has spawned all this outrage, it further consumes resources and attention better devoted to actual enemies of this country who forgot more about Death Panels than Zeke Emanuel will ever know.

Remember Iran?  You know, the “sanctions-will-have-them-shaking-in-their-sandals” guys who in concert with Russia are building nuclear reactors as we speak?  They don’t seem to have gotten the memo that the US administration is really, really concerned and have resumed nuclear weapons and delivery systems development — according to that Right-wing think-tank CNN.

By the way, I know Obama was swamped delivering the same “fired up, ready to go” speech over and over, and over, again here at home, but perhaps in exchange for his unilateral surrender of the Eastern European missile defense shield he might have extracted a promise from the Russians that at least we’d get dinner first.

Perhaps he got something like that for the nuclear disarmament deal reached today that is manifestly favorable to the Soviets Russians.  Consider:

And the two militaries will make relatively small cuts in the number of jets and land- or submarine-based missiles that carry nuclear warheads and bombs.

Inasmuch as our nuclear submarines are state of the art, and the Russian idea of a successful tour is “didn’t sink to the bottom with all hands” this seems equitable. Don’t know about you but I would really like to know what “relatively” means, since nuclear submarines, by virtue of their stealth, are the most powerful deterrent in our arsenal.

Never mind Dems – you got Health Care Reform passed! Woo-hoo! (Cue horns and confetti.)

The Israelis, whom we are currently scolding for building code violations, are facing an existential threat from Iran and pretty much any other country that rhymes with “Moving Van.” This, for the benefit of any Congressmen following along, is materially worse than being called a name.

In defiance of our clearly stated wishes it is probable Israel will not consent to become a smoking hole in furtherance of US-Arab-Iranian relations, and will take matters into its own hands.  At that point, Congressman Foghorn, figuring out new ways to extort money for your district will become the very least of your concerns.

So, Democrats, if you think things are hot now, consider life at ten million degrees. While you have been focusing on fool-proof schemes to turn the US into an economic slag-heap, our foes abroad have had carte blanche to develop more direct solutions to the same end. It might be an idea to worry less about the guy “brandishing a sign” and more about the one brandishing someone’s head, if you know what I mean.

You might want to take that up with the guy at the other end of the Mall, and good luck with that.

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