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“Build It and They Will Come”- The Left’s Methods and Bill O’Reilly’s Blindness

Posted on March 25 2010 8:30 am
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Watching the transition of the Health Care Bill move from debate into law was worse than watching sausage being made; it felt like I was being forced to look at pornography. The dirty, unconscionable methods used to pass this Federal takeover were shocking.  I felt confident throughout the process that the Constitution would triumph in the end. After watching Fox News Wednesday night, specifically “The O’Reilly Factor”, I’m not so sure. The Left has found success that is almost mystical. Like the legendary field of dreams in the movie by the same name, socialist architects have enacted a “Build it and they will come.” method of governance.

Before last night, I was certain that the Conservative push back was unstoppable. Now I’m shaking my head in disbelief. O’Reilly was discussing the passage of the Health Care Reform Bill in his “Talking Points” segment. He slammed the Republicans for engaging in what he called “provocative rhetoric”.

Excuse me?

Pointing out how Democrats trashed the U.S. Constitution and are threatening to topple the economy for the realization of their 100 year old dream of socialized medicine is “provocative rhetoric”? O’Reilly, who is monotonous in his claim that he is watching out for “the folks”, went on to say that “both parties are in danger”. O’Reilly’s focus on Republican defeat lends more credibility to the out of control tactics of the Left. Where is the analysis of the facts of this wicked bill and how it will harm the “folks”? Bill, have you read the Bill?

Furthermore, O’Reilly directed viewers’ attention to the unproven accusations of Senators like John Lewis, who claim that Tea Party protesters spat on him and called him the “N-word”. O’Reilly gave credence to these accusations with the disclaimer that there are “nut cases” in every crowd. Did any of this actually happen? Cameras were everywhere yet there is not one shred of evidence. This should easily be discredited as a lie but again, Conservatives are allowing the Left to frame the debate. The media is taking a dirt bath in the imagined incident that is being put forth as proof that all Tea Partiers are racist. One would think that we were back in 1960’s Alabama! Again, the Left builds the dream and everyone comes to watch the game.

The Republican leadership in Washington has a tough row to hoe. They are playing against a team that doesn’t adhere to rules and a media whose news coverage can be summed up as “I know you are but what am I?” It was Tip O’Neil who said that “All politics is local.”. The Left has the Federal government and the media on their team. The American people will not find their players in this pool- we must look toward state and local governments for talent. While Obama busies himself with Jedi mind-tricks, those of us who understand the Constitution must focus our attention on regaining power where and while we have it. I am done with dreams- the reality is that, at this rate, the U.S. will be bankrupt and enslaved before anyone has a chance to access “free” health care.

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