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Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day

Posted on March 25 2010 3:45 pm
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From Ryan Mauro’s post today highlighting a documentary about the Exodus story:

Trey Cruz's avatar

Trey Cruz · 1 hour ago

Because of their murder of Christ, the Jews were exiled from Judaea and scattered among the nations.
For 2000 years the Palestinians lived peacefully there, bothering no one.
Through the fraudulent document known as the “Balfour Agreement”, and murderous, tyrranical energies of the British Empire that were harnessed by it, the “Zionists” initiated a 90 year [so far] reign of terror, a true “holocaust” that drove these peaceful people from their homes, reducing them to poverty stricken slaves.
The moral of this story: The Jews haver not changed in 2000 years: they are still a tribe of lying murdering thieves and this story goes on in the enslavement of America under the guidance of Axelrod, Emanuel, Frank, Nadler, and the rest of the tribe.
This book and it’s movie is just another propaganda piece attempting to justify the unjustifiable.
May Jesus Christ have mercy on your poor rotten, lying, thieving, murdering souls.

I’ll always highlight this stuff so we can remember just how widespread and diabolical these ideas are. Anti-Semitism can be found in any number of ideologies: Islamo-fascists, Ron Paul-style libertarians, Pat Buchanan-style paleo-consevatives, leftists, and even so-called Christians like the one above.

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