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Sullying the Good Name of Frederick Douglass: First Self-Parodying Hate Mail, Then an Automatically-Deleted Anti-Semitic Comment

Posted on March 24 2010 3:30 pm
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NRB got some hate mail last week from a coward calling himself “Fredrick Douglass.” (Apparently his admiration for the great anti-slavery orator is so overwhelming he’s unable to spell the name correctly.) The email was pathetic in its illiteracy and reliance on anti-American cliches:

Message body:
I have to laugh when I read the phoney baloney outrage of you socalled Patriots. Every body knows that Obama lost the white vote by a  landslide. You Yahoos just cant stand the fact that their is a black man in your Whitey House” . You cant believe that their is a black man calling the shots, so you attack ACORN and other groups who support him and turn a blind eye to racist “white wingers’ and KKK members and sympathizers hiding behind the veil of the Tea Bag Party to launch cheap shot attacks on Obama. A Black man who saved your @$$ from an economic meltdown created by yourt great white genious leaders Bush & Cheney the draft dodgers. The real criminal is that white supremacists white boy posing as as a white boy PIMP to try and hoodwink some gullible ACORN employees into supporting his Republikkan scam. That racists is now in jail awaiting trial for his criminal activities in Florida. We dont hear you two face AmeriKKKan patriots talking about that… do we.

Its a lot easire to hate on Obama and play the race card. You are the same sickos who voted for looney tunes McCain because he was white, than give a brlliant black man like Obama a chance to save your ignorant racist selves. AmeriKKKa is a sick country in trouble because of idiots like you redneKKKs.  You slimeballs have no shame, your anti-black hatred blinds you to possibility of America. All you white wingers want to do is undermine Obama even if it brings about your own Waterloo.

How can anyone even write “AmeriKKKa” in a non-ironic sense these days?

But that was just the beginning. Later I was surveying our deleted comments folder and discovered this atrocity from “Fredrick” which made the above look reasonable and erudite in comparison:

I am praying that Obama stands up to these arrogrant Jews, they belive that they are untouchable and international law or any law does not apply to them. Its this kind of Jew arrogance that lead o their near demise in Europe. In America the Zionist Jews have Jews who put the perverted interest of Israel above the interest of America. Its a case of the tail wagging the dog. I pray that Obama stand up to these racist anti-black Jewry in the US and in the stolen land of Israel

First they stole the black mans religion Judaism now they want to demonize and diss the Black president of the United States. Make no mistake this “insult” was aimed squarely at Obama. Jews have NO respect for black people, so they feel they dont have to respect the Black president of the United States…of course they will be defended by Horowitz and his Jew apologists. But they ***[DS: expletive deleted. His comment was automatically deleted by the system because he used the F-word.]*** with the wrong black man this time.

Stand up to these racist zionist pubk Barack, ENOUGH is ENOUGH, the American people both white and black is sick of these Zionists causing the death of American soldiers, and American blood and treasure.

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