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Communists Claim Obama Plays “Leading Role” in their “Coalition”

Posted on March 24 2010 6:57 pm
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Before any liberal out there waxes indignant over my audacity to associate President Obama with communism, I have one thing to say to you: It’s not my fault that unapologetic socialists and marxists have worked tirelessly for decades to appropriate control of your political infrastructure. So, get over it. And get these wackjobs out of your political party while you’re at it.

On to the issue. A recent article in Political Affairs, which is affiliated with the Communist Party, goes on to extol what a fortuitous transitional situation we in America find ourselves in today. That is to say, the election of President Obama was a major advancement in the “struggle” (commie code word) toward the achievement of heaven on earth — i.e. the socialist utopia. Now, the Communist Party, to many, seems like a pathetic anachronism. What can dried-up hippies jonesing for their next medical marijuana ‘script really accomplish, anyway?

Forget communists. Communism is just one aspect of the larger socialist movement which, in fact, is stunningly powerful in America today. It has big money. Which means it has big organizational power, and it has ascended so high into the political stratosphere that marxist thug, SEIU bosses work closely with the President on issues completely unrelated to the union’s labor mission.

Let’s just call them “leftists” for now. What is important is regardless of their moniker, their mission is the same: “Propaganda and agitation,” as our comrades at Political Affairs explain. Organized leftists strive to foment social warfare; to pit identity groups against each other by reducing particular segments of society to mere victims, provoking their anger, legitimizing their envy and encouraging the demonization of the opposition. Thus, they continually infiltrate various interest groups — particularly minorities, but not always, such as in the case of the recent mass campus protests of very white, middle to upper class college students this spring. Leftists ride on the backs of these identity groups (and their anger) to generate support for incremental socialist policies. In this way, America’s left has acquired a “winning coalition” which helped secure Obama’s presidential victory. As the article in Public Affairs explains:

“We also know the electoral victory of the Obama Administration replacing the domination of the ultra right could only be achieved by a coalition of class and social forces…The winning coalition consisted of labor, the African American, Mexican American and other Latino peoples, Asians, Native Americans and other oppressed peoples, women, youth, LGBT community and others,”

I would add to this list the environmental movement. Poor Gaia is perhaps the original oppressed victim of capitalism. (Note: Please see for an extensive account of the association between these groups and the far Left.)

The article goes on to say that Obama plays a leading role in this leftist coalition. The coalition, the author claims, was instrumental in defeating the “ultra right” in the 2008 election and will continue to be the force which will push the right into the recesses of America’s political landscape. The trick is to do this without inadvertently driving “moderates” and “independents” away from their own cause in the process.

“This coalition in which our first African American President plays the leading role was necessary to beat the ultra right in 2008 and remains necessary in order to defeat the sharp counterattack of the ultra right we are experiencing and to complete a decisive victory over it…”

The statement in bold is a reference to the Tea Party movement which the author later claims is composed of

“Tea baggers and other assorted racists and fanatical groups.”

Sound familiar? I think he might have been paraphrasing the anchors on CNN’s prime-time lineup. The article concludes thusly:

“[Through this coalition] we have been able to establish these strategic stages, strategy for this transition period, and tactics to accomplish it”

I’m going to venture to say that most of the unwitting members of this “coalition” don’t realize what kind of grand scheme the radical Left sees them as being so integrally a part of. Just as Barack Obama bristles every time conservatives accuse him of pursing policies that are apart of some “Bolshevik plot.” Maybe his indignation is genuine, maybe it isn’t. Who cares? The point is, from the highest offices, to the dupes paid to turn in fraudulent voter registration forms, America’s Left, and in particular the Democratic Party, has been so thoroughly infiltrated by socialist/marxist radicals that the two are virtually indistinguishable. Mutually they will continue to lead us toward an America of declining prosperity and diminishing liberty. What to do?

Nichole Hungerford is Social Media Director and Contributor to Smart Girl Nation. You can follow her work at Obama Porn or via Twitter @ObamaPorn.

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