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Ann Coulter riot in Ottawa: Day Two

Posted on March 24 2010 12:00 pm
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Last night, I started seeing stuff in my Twitter feed about “#AnnCoulter,” “2000 protesters,” people throwing tables, and even people being whisked to the U.S. Embassy for protection. Ann Coulter was in our nation’s capital, to speak at the University of Ottawa.

I’d seen her speak the night before, in London, Ontario, and like many people across Canada, was wondering what kind of reception she’d get at this next venue. After all, it was a U of O provost, known Frenchman Francois Houle (his real name), who’d sent Coulter that now-famous passive aggressive letter before her arrival, ever so politely advising her not to, you know, advocate genocide or incite violence on Canadian soil.

I expected a problem. I didn’t expect a riot.

Two veteran Parliament Hill reporters, Brian Lilley (mainstream media) and Deborah Gyapong (Christian media) were on the scene and filed reports. (Full disclosure: I consider both of them friends).

Here’s part of Lilley’s report:

One of the loudest protestors outside was Sameena Topan, the young woman holding the “safe place” sign. Sameena told me she brought that sign because, “This is a space for all students from all backgrounds to come and feel welcome.” Sameena went on to say that no student should feel threatened or marginalized.

Asked if she had protested, complained or tried to shut down Israeli Apartheid week, Sameena first seemed shocked at the question, then answered no.

Here’s part of Gyapong’s account:

When I got outside one of my blog readers came up to me and told me he had been inside the hall before 7 p.m. He said a group of people rushed the hall, jostling the three people who were at a table checking student ids and those who had registered. The table got pushed aside. When the volunteers said they needed order and for people to come to the table, some of the rowdies folded the table up and threw it aside. Then the volunteers decided it was too dangerous for them and they shut the doors to the auditorium.


One gal was waving one of Ann Coulter’s books around asking whether they should burn it. “Let’s debate this,” she says.

I’ll have more at my blog as the day goes on, but I should warn you that, because it is my blog and not David Horowitz’s, my language and views may be more salty than some NewsReal readers may be accustomed to.

Understand: Establishment Canada hates America, but paradoxically, cares desperately about what America says about our country, and seeks secondhand validation from any meager attention we might get from you; consider the thirty-years-worth of boilerplate Canadian puff pieces, bragging about how many now-famous comedians we’ve “given” to Hollywood, and how we built the arm (the arm!) on the Space Shuttle like, 500 years ago, to take two of the more pathetic examples. The “look at us! Pleeeeeze!!” b.s. surrounding the supposed wonderfulness of the recent Vancouver Winter Olympics (yawn) is another.

So for us, the Ann Coulter Riot is A. Very. Big. Deal. I expect lawsuits galore, questions about the pathetic security apparatus that “protects” our nation’s capital, criminal charges and countercharges, commemorative tee shirts (the “Coulter in Canada” one pictured above is now selling fast), magazine cover stories story — I forgot: we only have one magazine — and much more.

(Note: on the topic of security — “the university handed Coulter a bill to pay for her own security, something it doesn’t do for other speakers.”)

PS: if you hear something about a Muslim girl who asked Coulter a question in London, and was “stabbed in the heart” when Coulter told her to go ride a camel, do note that my husband outed the girl as a (now former) member of an anti-Israel Facebook group.

And as Michael Coren pointed out acidly, it’s other Muslims who are more likely to literally stab a Muslim girl in the heart, or other places, rather than an outspoken American pundit.

Here’s part of his Tuesday pre-riot interview with Coulter, complete with now-ironic opening segment:

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